The 8 best things about high lift blades!


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#8 Mowing grass
#7 A new lawn Olympic sport, the 100 yard pinecone toss
#6 Confuses the customers into thinking a helicopter is around
#5 Replaces the "broke" blower
#4 You can relocate and entire Ant colonies in < 2 seconds!
#3 Breaking Glass!
#2 A "winter income": Sandblasting
#1 Camouflage! Your so covered in grass and dirt, when the customers come out and want to talk just turn off the mower, they can't see you and go back inside!

Yep, lonely day mowing yesterday. Really like them, but be very careful!


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Hey Kirby, about #6. I had a guy come running out of his house one morning,I thought he was gona kill me. After he calmed down, he explained that the noise woke him up causing a flashback of viet-nam.
Thank you Veterans and needless to say, I never cut his lawn before noon after that.


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After I bashed gator blades a few day ago. I have now gone back to using them. I just go back over any bad places. I just can't stand throwing grass that far and the drag it places on the engine of the high lift blades.
Last year Charles I would have also said one set of gator blades would be fine.

But this year has been so wet that you HAVE to use hi lift baldes to clear the discharge opening. That's why all the
talk of double blades, cutting cradles etc.

It's a actual nessessity for the great lakes/northeast contractors to change to double blades this year (push comes to shove).

I am in the process of having the cradles of my 52 and 62"
deck cut to accept double blades. There is no option the grass is just too high, thick, and wet.

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