the age of my equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Sep 9, 2005.

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    ladies and gentlemen i guess i was misinformed and lied about the age of my equipment.i said the br400 was a 2004,sorry . i just found out that the br400 was actually discontinued in 98 or 99.thanks for the input "MM".when i bought it i was told it was but was just in rough shape.this was my first backpack.i still think i got a descent deal at $150.00 it starts on the third pull everytime.anyway on to the father-in-law purchased it from the company he works for and fowarded it to me,anyway he told me he thought it was a 2003 so thats what i believed.i recently saw a post where a know it all sm@rt @ss 15 year old "kid" that has been in the business since he was 9 talked trash about my equipment.his screen name incase you are wondering is"MKWL".i appologize to any1 who thought that is was trying to perposely lie about it.except "MKWL" he can kiss my @ss for all i care!!!!!oops now i've gone and made the baby cry aint i. :laugh:

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