The all new 2017 Scag V ride

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmarkdude, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Mr Stripe

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    What ya doin to your wheel motors boy? :)
  2. sjessen

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    I had put 2 spacers each one inch wide on both wheel motors on 60" Turf Tracers. After about 750 hours the bearings would go. Had 2 Tracers set up this way and replaced probably 6 motors total. Finally, had the frames altered moving the wheel motor brackets out 2" on each side. Problem solved. No more failures in 6 years.
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  3. weeze

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    i don't have any experience with seperate pumps and motors. my mowers only have transaxles. i've never had one go out but only 1075hrs on my deere and 200hrs on my cheetah. :laugh:

    my guess is they won't "go out" they will just get to the point where they are really slow and sluggish feeling. my deere with 1075hrs is much less responsive than my brand new cheetah. it still works fine but you have to push the levers farther forward to get it going the speed you want. when it was new you barely had to push them to get going fast.

    i would think at 2000hrs it would be time to change them out on the deere because they will be basically worthless and really slow to respond. i know one time i had a loaner deere that was old and that thing was barely able to turn around the hydros were so sloppy and slow to respond. it still worked but it was annoying to use since it was so bad.

    i'm not sure if they rebuild transaxles or if you have to just buy brand new ones? i know they are expensive that's all i know. i think it's $2000-$2500 to replace both of them.

    but if you replace those and the engine you basically have a brand new mower for half the price of a new one.
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  4. Ready to Mow

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    Makes sense. The tolerances get larger and don't move the fluid as well. So I guess you only have to change them out if there is a catastrophic failure, which shouldn't normally happen.
  5. JaekayDesign

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  6. JaekayDesign

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    Ok... but seriously... when is the V-ride 2 coming out?? I was hoping before season started next year, but not people are saying like.. July..end of October till the V-ride 2 is out.. should I just get a v-ride 48 or 36 for now... then a bigger v-ride 2 later when I have more accounts??
  7. kawasaki guy

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    Very happy with my V1, just keep the control levers greased and put loctite or something on the deck leveling bolts, second time having relabeled this season.
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  8. basso83

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    I just took delivery of my New 48" V2
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  9. JaekayDesign

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    You are gonna have to tell us how she runs.. especially on hills. I'd love to get one... it's just the stars are not lining up for me like that this year.. maybe in a year or so.
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  10. Mr Stripe

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    Aren't you the guy on another thread I got measurements for of the V-Ride 1 for a trailer basket?

    At GIE Expo it appears to me that there's parts of the V-Ride 2 that stick up higher or farther out. I was unable to score a measuring tape so if there's someone here that can get you perfect measurements that would be good.

    At GIE when everyone was demo riding the new Vride I thought it was funny how so many guys were just standing up straight with 4" in between them & the V-Ride pad.

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