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    The Low Voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas (LVLIA) has now become the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP). I see this change as an overall good. By making the association more inclusive of all exterior lighting professionals (electricians and the like), we have a chance to increase membership as well as knowledge.

    I have been elected to the board of the AOLP and would like to welcome any questions or comments on the association. I would also like to welcome anyone considering joining this organization, as I see it as a central voice of our industry, and any strong industry needs a strong voice. As any member will tell you, the cost of membership is very little and I know that the savings that I receive from member distributors is far more than my membership.

    Let's talk about this organization and what it can do in the future. What do you expect from an organization like this? What would you like to see from this organization? How would you be willing to work for an organization like this?

    Let's rock and roll!!
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    I saw a reference to AOLP earlier and repsonded in that thread. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find any mention of what it was. Funny thing is, the LVLIA website doesn't mention anything either.... yet.
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    I'm also curious about why the LVLIA web site lags behind your announcement (and no press release?) Have there been other changes with the organization aside from the name?
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    Steve, I was just elected and am working on this. It bothers me as well that the web site and other things are taking so long. I do know that we only have 1 full time employee and the rest is done by volunteers like me. I am writing a letter to all of the trade magazines to see if they will allow me to write a monthly article regarding the industry news, including the happenings of the AOLP.

    Other changes include the addition of manufacture and distributor positions on the board. The contractors still have the majority of the board seats though.

    I will make a personal promise that I will do all that I can to make the AOLP the organization that it should be. That being said, I would like help from the membership and I would like to see CAST join the association or at least know why they don't want to join.

    Back to work, I'll get back to this a little later.
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    Paul, please see my personal message.
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    Why is it that there is no mention of the 2003 Award of Distinction winner on the website? I see 2004-present. What gives?
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    I will help Paul out here if I may.

    I was elected to the board at the same time as Paul. There is SO much to work on in this organization that it would take me an hour of typing here. There is only one full time person who works for the AOLP. Everybody else
    is fully volunteering their time and money to make this industry better.

    The website is one on a list of many things that need to be re-done. But we are held back by a lack of membership which in turn translates into a lack of funds. As far as I am concerned there should be photos of all the award winners from the past, there could be a monthly contest for new photos, etc.
    The website should be a vast resource of information for ,homeowners , architects , landscape architects , whoever. But give us time and resources together and it will hopefully get done. Please just give us time-the AOLP was just announced to members 2 weeks ago -a press release probably should have been done.

    This is where I beg you who arent members to join up. There are many people who could be so helpful - so if you have something to offer please help us so we can help those who need it - as in the contractors in New Jersey.

    David Homansky
    Southeastern Outdoor Lighting
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    Thanks Dave. Steve, please read my reply to your PM. I wish I had all of the answers for everyone in my pocket but I will see what I can find out. I joined the association in 2004 so I don't even know who it was who won the award 4 years ago. I am far more interested in what is going to happen from here on out. The past is just that, the past. What's done is done and nothing and no amount of anything will change that. How about what I can do to help my industry? How about what I can do to strengthen the association? Those are the questions that I am interested in. I want to help the industry grow and get stronger. I can't do that by dwelling on the past.

    Oops, didn't mean to get on a rant. Sorry about that. I didn't mean anything by it, I just want to proceed and not look back.
  9. High Performance Lighting

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    I was one of the original 30 or so founding members of what was originally called LVLIA. The organization was founded for the sole benefit of low voltage landscape lighting contractors. In my opinion things went horribly wrong when distributors and manufacturers came on board paying several times more than a contractor member. This inherently is a problem because a distributor/manufacturer's
    membership is much more valuable than that of a contractor. And I can tell you first hand that I was a victim of political B.S. that surrounds it.
    In the beginning I wrote articles for the website (volunteer). In one such article about transformers I recommended not loading a 25 amp capable secondary circuit past 20 amps. A major manufacturer's sales manager went ape **** and wanted the article removed since they had just announced a new transformer to the marketplace (not manufactured by them). that they were touting as a transformer that could be loaded to full capacity. An ugly e-mail round robin between both parties and members of the board ensued. Bottom line not one contractor board member stood up and said how out of line this jerk was simply because they didn't want to risk losing their $2,500.00 per yr. membership fee. When I hear that distributors and manufacturers are now on the board I suspect the problem will only get worse. I don't wish you any ill will but I don't agree with your decision making. Manufacturers and distributors already control the industry. Case in point if you are a "manufacturer" who by-passes the distributor and sells direct to contractors , distributors try and label you a heretic and drum you out of business with boycots or try and have you barred from exhibiting in trade shows and such. Who complains when the distributor by-passes the contractor, takes up counter time and sells directly to the one time purchase Joe homeowner? Enough said.

    Mike Gambino
    Gambino landscape lighting inc.
    2003 LVLIA Awards of Distinction winner in all three categories
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    Good point, Mike.

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