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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cubbear, Sep 13, 2005.

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    *I apologize in advance if I am not meeting a regulation.*

    I am a homeowner and the neighbor's bamboo came over to my side. I have dug it up and new shoots still keep coming up since the neighbor has not removed the bamboo. I have read the posts and I'm thinking about putting concrete. I will also be relandscaping the backyard and would like to put pavers and maybe even plant some flowers. My question is, how deep do I need to dig on the side of the fence to pour concrete? how many of feet of concrete should i pour? also by putting some sort of wire along the backfence, will that help? also putting rocks? How much do i need to leave if I am going to put pavers in? Do you recommend planting anything in the area of the bamboo?

    Side question: how much would you estimate for installing pavers for an area of 12 x 12 and some sidewalk? a guesstimate will do just fine.

    Thank You in advance.
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    well, I'll take the bamboo issue, but the cement issue will have to be someone else. The barrier for stopping the roots for bamboo will have to be at the depth of the root. That will vary depending on your soil type, but it could be 2 feet or 10 feet. That's a very deep barrier if doen as concrete($). Wire mesh would only make it that much more of a nuisance for a leter point when the bamboo would need to be removed again, doing nothing to slow the spread of the roots themselves, but instead tangling amongst them and making it need to be removed as one huge unit. As a barrier, solid sheets of galvanized metal or tin, the kind roofs are made from, will do the trick, placed to a depth beyond the root depth. This is inexpensive material and will form a solid barrier when riveted together and buried. In many traditional asian gardens with bamboo, water is often the barrier against unwanted spread, so a water feature is also a possibility for you. Rocks will be decorative only, no stopping ability. As far as planting beneath bamboo, I'm not aware of anything that bamboo does to create monocultures, so anything happy in the shade with the same water requirements should do fine, assuming that you have adequate soil around the culms(which sometimes s not the case in old growth stands). Good luck.
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    thanks for the response. i am thinking of talking with the neighbor and asking if they would remove the bamboo as it is a nuisance. if not, putting the galvanized would work best.

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