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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by shovelracer, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Just wanted to share a pic of my first insert with you guys, It is at my own place. We had quite a bit of stone left over from a recent project and my wife has been bugging me to replace the front pad after the UPS guy nearly broke his neck on the busted concrete that was there. I realize the stone is boring and there are a few running seams, plus the front door needs replacing, but it is a large improvement and it cost me less than $100 plus my time. The base is actually 10" 3/4 minus lined and wrapped and packed in 1.5-2" lifts. We ran 3" Sch40 in the back for any future needs. 1" bedding concrete sand. Aluminum brick stop. Techo beige poly sand. Star is PA Bluestone that we hand picked at 2 3/8" thick. Pattern was cut with a diamond blade and corners were very lightly rock faced. The stone is Belgard London Cobble, and the adjoining walk will be added in the spring with likely begard arbel after we set the driveway grade.

    The star is what I am most proud of. It is PA Bluestone. A little history of the Barn Star. Back in the 1800's primarily in Lancaster County, PA. German barn builders would put pictures on the front of the barns they built. It could be a sun, bird, star, etc. The star is a symbol meant to bring good luck and good fortune. Someone got the idea of manufacturing these star metal ornaments you can hang on your home. This is very popular around here. Although I'm pretty sure no one knows what they mean. I have asked several of my landscape suppliers that sell them and none of them knew the story. This led me to a search which turned up the answer I just talked about.


    front walk 001.jpg
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    Obviously he cut them all perfect the first weren't there watching were you!!
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    Actually it was cut the first time. I took a small star's measurements and enlarged them to a large piece of packing paper. Did this to make sure the size was what I wanted. Then I took that template and cut my 1/5th of it. The hard part was getting all 5 pieces out of the same piece of bluestone. It took a few different tracing attempts to get it all on there. Soapstone traced then cut. Real simple. I was real nervous when I was chipping the corners. It was thick enough to hold though.
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    I'd pay for that.

    Tight cuts man
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    Thanks that means a lot. How much we talking here, cause I still have the template?
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    Looks good, I like it!
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    i like it! nice work!
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    What stone is it again?????

    Just messin, it looks great!


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