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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. With this tool, you had better generate a minimum of $35 a man hour. It is so inexpensive for what amount of income it will generate.

    Also I am showing off one of my new tools.

    hedge trimmer.jpg
  2. With this I charge by the hour, my hourly price is irrelevant and is more than the $35 I posted above, but this tool will do it.

    I am pretty good at estimating time, but trimming shrubs is another that always takes longer than expected, so I charge by the man hour with a 1 hour minimum.

    If you can't get or make atleast $35 a man hour with these you are doing something wrong.

    I hope this answers the 4 other thread I saw before posting this which I will post a link in of this thread.

    hedge trimmer 1.jpg
  3. Runner

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    Nice saw. Another true asset is the Stihl with the extended handle (like a string trimmer). Talk about a WORK saver! No bending down for the small globes, and no full arm and shoulder strokes for taller hedges. Simple smaller pivots. While it takes some getting used to, as it can be touchy at first (one little "twitch" of the wrist or arm can equal 3 or 4 inches at the blade), It is so nice to have for so many things. It's now the first thing I grab, and only use my hand held in tight spots like against walls in certain predicaments and in corners occasionally.;)
  4. Like this it's a Stihl 85, also got the chain saw, and the weed eater heads.

    2 stroke top.jpg
  5. stevo22

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    i completely hedge trimmer has made me around 800-1000 bucks since i got it and i have only worked about 10-12hrs...always fluff a little on the estimate simply due to the clean up aspect...i have a minimum of 30-35 as long as i don't have to get on a ladder...if i have to get on a ladder, even if it is for one plant, is going to be min of 45-50 depending on how difficult the terrain is....

    what is even better is when someone else is doing the work and you are getting around 35hr for not breaking a sweat...oftentimes when i have some hedges to do i will cut the grass and have someone else do the hedges and we wrap up at the same time...double the money at one stop...
  6. GarPA

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    yep LGF...I'm clearing that much AFTER I pay the employee. Trimming is one of my least favorite tasks. And as you guys noted, cleanup usually takes longer than the trimming so I will not give a hard quote ....instead I give them a man/machine houre rate. I do need to get one of those extended shears Runner is talking about. I dont like leaning too far on a ladder since about 10 years ago I almost cut a finger off with a gas powered unit....ever since I treat this machine with complete respect ...they can bite you real fast
  7. Ax Man

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    I have the red max extended reach. The blades are the best I have tried, much better than the echo hand held I also own. both are huge money makers. I wish I had a small shedder to reduce the clipping sometimes.
  8. KenH

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    Do you mean at least $35 per man hour for labor only???? We like to get that plus, plus $25.00 per hour for equipment. Someone has to pay for it.

    If you cut hedges for 2 hours, you like to get at least $70.00??
  9. bobbygedd

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    so ken, you are charging $60 an hour for a man running trimmers? thats alot of money. so, if u have 2 guys trimming, u charge $120 an hour? and i imagine a disposal fee also? even in my area, where prices are high, we cant get that. an 8 hr trim job with 2 guys brings in $960? plus disposal? now thats makin money
  10. Scraper

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    Sounds like Bobby has finally been overbid. Just don't try to overbid his lawn applications. ;)

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