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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Everyone is constantly looking for the mower with the best qualtiy of cut, and every company claims theirs is the best(obviously). I got a copy of the Grasshopper and the ExMark DVD. They show the mowers in action, but they are always cutting extremely short grass and most of the time freshly cut grass. I could care less how a yard looks after it has been mowed two or three times. I want to see a regular cut. The only way to see what cuts best is through before and after pictures. I know you can demo them, but it would be nice to see before and after pics for the top brands, then declare the best.

    Who has the best quality of cut?
    *Cub Cadet
    *John Deere
    *Dixie Chopper
    *Better (Are they a bargain or just junk with bad dealer support?)
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    are you talking only about walkbehinds? or Z's and walks?

    I only own exmark, honda, better, and toro, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    exmark is a lazer hp with a 48" deck. the honda and toro is a 21" so they don't really count.

    I cannot tell the differance in the finished cut betwen the exmark and the quick.
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    It really depends on where you are, what your current conditions are, how you are cutting, what you are cutting, how the quality is of what you are cutting, how thick it is, how tall it is, and what your height of cut is.... and if you side discharge or mulch.

    And even then, it really depends on what you consider a "quality cut" actually is.
    This means different things to different people.
    Now let me give you the best example I can offer you....

    You go out and pick up a 52" eXmark lazer HP to demo. You take it out to side discharge on a few really nice, pure, lush, and thick tall fescue lawns. You start to cut some normal week or less growth. When you see the finished cut, you fall in love with the machine and buy it.

    But after owning it a week or so and putting it through the paces on all your accounts, you start to really get to know it, and you start to feel like you did once you really got to know that hot chick you nailed back in high school.

    You begin to realize that it cuts the good stuff beautifully. But when the rain starts falling and the growth rate picks up, you realize it still cuts very well. It still discharges very well, scatters clippings very well and does not puke big tight clumps. But you also realize that it does not chop the clippings really fine. The love starts to fade when you start making a second pass over the entire job just to chop up and try to hide all the clippings laying on top. But you still feel it is much better than most.

    But eventually you hit the tougher lawns, with more stemy grasses, weeds and ect. Then you see it really struggles at this task. It takes atleast a double cut in order to achieve a clean cut with few to no stringers sticking up. So you really start to realize this is a superb finish mower for really good well maintained accounts and that it is really a top quality piece of equipment. But even though that is really true, it's not really the best mower for you.... but might be the greatest mower ever for someone else.

    So in order to REALLY answer your question you would have to do a good demo on each one on the list and make your own decision. It's a tough call and only one that can be made by an individual based on his own experieces and expectations.
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    My Exmark ZTR had a better cut than my Grasshopper ZTR and discharged better. Thats with tall fescue (5-6"). I have seen yards stripped with the outfront Grasshopper that looked pretty good.
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    My Scag's leave the best cut in town. I love the cut they leave. They stripe like nobody's buisness. :)

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