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    this was passed on to me by a dear friend and mentor,I was going to write my own piece by am tied up with my new worm beds"stain less". the site is not a garden site but it is up and has the 17 page novella of amazon dark earth "TERA PRETA DO NEGRO/ TERA PRETA DA INDIO".


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    Excellent reference, thank you very much

    and good luck with your stainless worm beds (I wish I knew what you were talking about, it sounds.......UHHMM exciting)
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    our old wood and metal beds were rotting away,seems that one "bug" gets in the wood and the worms eat we are investing in some stainless steel beds 2x 48'x 7' with a conveyor and an auger to un load the casts.

    it has me tied in a knot, welders and metal prices and time! they will last forever.

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    GOING BIG TIME WOW everything is better when welded
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    welded riveted and bolted, all 440 or 2910 stainless. the price of metal is killing me. it is going to take years to pay these off. the target waste input is 25 tons weekly.we screened one of the older beds and it had at least 1,000,000 worms in it. 60 tons of worm casts ready for the field.
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    some things you just have to see first hand, 20 55 gal. drums full of worms is a sight to see
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    I'll be right there............Scotty beam me up

    If I could be so bold........and invite myself, please
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    you have been invited, any time you want, we still don't lock our doors.
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    I envy your ability to be doing something constructive. We have yet another day inside with only the computer to keep life moving. Which gives me time to study this article, which is a good one BTW :)

    Here I have a question that maybe someone can help me make sense of:

    "...Nitrogen reacts predictably to the high carbon to nitrogen ratio of ADE, even though ADE soils may have higher levels of nitrogen than neighboring Ferralsols, by being mineralized more slowly and thus being less available to plants (Lehmann, da Silva, et al., 2003 and Lehmann, Kern, et al., 2003)..."

    I believe this is saying that even though there is more N in the ADE (terra preta) it is less available to the plant. If I am reading that correctly.
    In another place in the article it states that: banana trees and such do not fare as well as vegetables in the ADE. Reason being - they seem to have lots of vegetative growth, but little fruit. When this happens it is usually an indication of too much N at the wrong time of the growing season.
    Is there a better explanation?

    Also if charcoal is like an empty sponge that brings in nutrients and stablizes them in the soil; wouldn't it make sense that it should be "filled" before it is spread onto the lawns? Rabbit beans are 7% N so I thought of trying to infuse some charcoal with the elements of said beans and see how it works. My plan is to just stir it in together with water and after a while dump it onto a pile to drain, and see when it is ready to spread.
    Can someone imagine a better way of nutrifying the charcoal? Thanks for any ideas :)
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    someone read the paper, YES!! , it seems that you have a good handle on the info. loading char... before you apply is easy. go give it a try.hint... green plant juice.... we do some thing very similar and add it to our "top dressing".just use the "Beans" solo the small "Beans" should spread just fine on there own. or try useing the "Beans" in a hydro seeder then you got something

    hope you enjoyed the read:waving:

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