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I joined a job referral company late last yr,very reasonable rates,only pay for jobs i accept.Everyone should check them I have accepted 8 leads, total spent @79.00 i landed 3 jobs totaling 17,000.00 .this year i receive about 3-4 requests a day.


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I have always wondered how these companies worked. Few questions for ya, 1) do you choose what you want to receive leads on? ex, can you tell them you want leads on just residential or only commercial or do you just have to take what they give you. 2) do you pay for the leads or pay only if you get the contract? 3) how do they advertise your services or does the potential client contact SV? Sounds like its working out for you I might look into it next year.


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hope that everything works out good with that company
Been there... done that...hated the results.

Yes...I got tons of leads...yes they were mostly in the area I wanted...yes they wanted to do the work...I think.

Most of them never got back to me after I accepted and paid for the lead.

The ones that did get back to me didn't know they would be contacted by a contractor...they thought the service magic people would give them more info.

I did no work out of 87 leads in 1 month.

Maybe my business is different...if it works for you a search on here for Service will see intersting responses.


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same here...been there, did that, hated results.

at the time it was $99 to join (low cost, not bad)
it was $10 for every lead you accepted (again not bad)

My problem was we didnt get ONE LEAD that met our criterea.
We do fert/pesticide programs

Got leads for outdoor lighting?
Got leads for installing patio?
Got leads for Tree Removal?
Got leads in counties we do not service?

One of their reps called me to ask why we wernt accepting their leads. So I told him to only send leads for fert/pesticide programs and only in the counties we work. He said, 'oh, our mistake, I'll take care of it'. Yet I continued to get all kinds of other leads but none for our business.

So I called, once again asked them to be sure they have our criteria straight. Also told them to only notify by email (was getting all kinds of foolish calls on my CELL phone...when they call on the phone they dont speak to you, its just a recording saying to check your email for new leads, VERY aggrivating!)

Anyway, after 3 months and zero leads we opt out. I did accept a few 'we want a mowing service' type of leads hoping to sell our program, like mentioned above these folks were suprised to hear from me, they were expecting a call from servicemagic to furnish more info, in other words, they were tire kickers.

BUT, i can see how it would pay off for the installation type of business...seeing as how we got many of those types of leads.

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