The best oil to use in a Kohler CV20 motor? in SW Florida

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  1. Hello,

    I've been Googling this question but can't seem to find a solid answer. Should I use synthetic or conventional? 30W or 10W40 or 20W50 or ? I see the manual says 30W above 40F. Ok how about synthetic?

    I know i used 20w50 in my 22HP Kohler when I had a lawn service here before. I remember the mower shop telling me to use it. But this time I figure since I can ask online it would be nice to hear some input.

    I have 10w40 in it now for about the last month.
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    10w-30 for sure.. we use synthetic mobil one on everything from mowers to trucks
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    I would suggest using whatever is recommended by your engine manufacture for that engine. Much research and development dollars have been spent most likely to ensure they give you the best advice for use on their product.

    With that said my Kawi calls for SAE30 under the conditions I usually find myself in.

    I have used Mobil just like mjlcare until a few months back and then I switched over to Amsoil for two cycle use and eventually for my vehicles and mowers.

    This is what I currently use in the mowers.

    I have a sample waiting to go Blackstone for testing from the mowers after 150 hours of use as soon as my vehicles are ready for their change which should be coming up pretty soon (aka a month or so) and will share results here.
  4. Very cool. Thank you. I bought two quarts of Mobile 1 10w30 today. Do you think those will be ok to use until my next change?
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    I think Mobil 1 is a very fine oil. The only reason that I switched to Amsoil was it simply worked out to be cheaper. On the 2 cycle mix I am getting a JASO/ISO approved oil for much less than Stihl synthetic which is one of the oils in stihls own test to give quality protection...but my cost from my local NAPA is SOOOOOOO much cheaper on the Amsoil for 2 cycle mixed at 50.1 not even the 100:1 suggested and comparable if not cheaper for the vehicles.

    Another thing about the Amsoil for me is that the closest NAPA dealer that offers it is less than 5 miles away and right in the middle of my it is easy to obtain and I do not have to shop around for mobile 1 to be on sale.

    Mobil 1 again does make a quality product
  6. M1 is fine. I use that in my mowers
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  7. How many hours do you recommend before a change the oil with Mobile 1 in it after put it in? I've looked up the Amsoil video on youtube. I'm going to start running that in my trimmers and such. Were have 3 Napa parts stores around us here. I have only used my conventional oil in it for about a month now. I'm going to change to Mobile 1 10w30 tomorrow.
  8. I believe most manuals call for 100 hrs on the oil and 200 on filter. I would go with that. You will hear guys who change every 40-50 hours, which IMO is a waste of money. Same as the guys who change motor oil at 3-K miles....
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    The corporate owned/managed stores will not have Amsoil...a family operated store will most likely have so it might be worth your time to call and ensure the one you plan on getting it from carries it.
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    Don't cheap out, change the filter with the oil. What's the point of running clean oil through a dirty filter. I also run 20w50 in this heat. I have a benchtop viscosity checker and the 10w30 didn't hold up well in summer.
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