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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OnMyOwn, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Hi everyone!

    I bought this little beauty about three months ago at my local Tractor Supply. It is a pneumatic powered engine hoist with telescoping legs. I bought a 12' engine strap to run under the caster wheels of the mower, then attach that to the chain drop of the hoist. So far we have used it to lift / change blades on Dixie Chopper, Gravely, Ferris & John Deere mowers. It seems to work great on everything. It lifts the mower as high as you want, and you do not end up blocking progress with jack stands, or rolling jacks.

    This thing is amazing for speed. It makes things much more accessible when scraping and cleaning under the deck. You can hand-pump the cylinder if you choose, but the pneumatic function is awesome.

    Here is the link for pricing in your area. http://www.mytscstore.com/detail.asp?pcID=3&paID=1027&sonID=745&productID=8836

    By the way....the legs fit in-between the casters on every mower, so far.

    Engine Hoist.jpg
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    And what is wrong with running one wheel up on the edge of the trailer ramp to change blades?
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    Ahh that would be free. I do the same thing.
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    why not just buy a quailty machine from the get-go

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    whats wrong with a full size floor jack? Mine lifts pleanty high enough to use my electris impact gun.
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    Floor jack would be okay as long as you used some jack stands at some point. I use my ramp but on the Scag, there isn't quite enough room to get the ramp side blade off so you do have to move it to other side. Not a big deal, but one more step I'd rather not have to do.
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    If I had more than one Z to service then the lift he showed would be a great investment. For now though, the ramp is my best friend.

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