The best trimmer rack on the market!

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  1. Matt

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    We guarantee that you won't have any problems with your trimmers spinning in the racks.

    Check out our website for a listing of all of our products.

    You can use coupon code: lawnsite1 to get 10% OFF on your order.
  2. Raven386

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    awesome Thank you!
  3. Lynden-Jeff

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    How much do you guys sell just the low block/peg assembly for? I have a bunch of pas attachements and would like to put a block on each. Would I have to call after I order online to get you guys to add them?

  4. Matt

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    We are currently working to get those block sets online. They are available separately and we are hoping to have them online shortly (although I do not have a time frame yet).

    For a complete block set the price is $14.95. For the support end (the non-locking side) the price is $6.95. We also have the locking side and the price on that is $8.95.

    If you want to order them call 1-800-621-6919 and talk to me, I will still honor the 10% off Lawnsite discount.

    Thanks for supporting our product,

  5. Lynden-Jeff

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    Thanks Matt, should be giving you a call tomorow.

  6. lawntimenosee

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    Thanks Xoopiter for the pics and vids.. placed an order today :)

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