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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by affprop, May 10, 2004.

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    I just wanted to ask you guys what you thought about this area I have to reseed.( I wish I could figure out how to post pictures) It is a house approx. 10 to15 years old, alot of pine trees, I already took soil sample do not have results back yet, and actually I should say that there were alot of pine trees they were cut down when the house was built. The contractor did not put alot of loam down. When I took some of the soil samples in places there was less than an inch of loam. Alot of moss. My question is in your opinions, do you thing I should roto till and then put loam down or do you think I should put moss killer down put loam down 4-6 inches thick then seed and mulch or top dress. Eventually I have to do the whole yard over the guy wants to just start with 30 yards of loam and see how far that will go first. But seeing as I am putting the loam so thick it doesnt seem like I should have to rototill. What dou you guys and gals think. I thank you ahead of time for your input. Steve
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    if you are going 4-6'' think i wouldnt worry about tilling, however if you are just going 2-3'' I would use a sod cutter, cut the area being replanted, rake it out a bit and then spread your loam. Tilling works but it is way to time consuming. You will have to rake out all the ripped out grass, retill, rake, retill etc. I like the sod cutting approach

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