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Hope all you guys who are in the Midwset like me are ready if you are planning on working this weekend. I just looked at the weather forecast and it call for a high temp of 43 on Saturday and 37 on Sunday with snow possible. YIKES! Looks like I will be breaking out the cold weather gear sooner than expected. I don't usually work much on weekends but I got rained out on Thursday and have about 17 lawns to mow. Hope all you weekend warriors are ready. I should be a cold one.

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
It's 38 in the Chicago area now and will get down in the 20's tonight with snow possible tomorrow night. It was 43 here today and I dug out the warm gear to mow this morning when it was 41. Brrr I'm glad we got all our work done this week. :)


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South East
Suppose to get near freezing next week here in sc too. Guess the warm season grass is going to end early this year


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Southwest VA
Gettin' cold here in South West Virginia, too. I hate mowing in a jacket, I'd rather it be 85. Supposed to get in the 20s here in the next few days. For the past few days it's been in the 80s! What a change!


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Central Florida
Owwww, weather man said be prepaired for mid to high seventies tonight.It's a good thing it ain't cold here, with all this rain, we'd have a mile high snow drift.Did I say that right? Sounds like foreign words to me.