the big one has arrived

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Got my redmax 8000 today 3 week wait but worth it.My first impressions when i powered it up..this damn thing aint all that powerful ...i got that impression from it being so quiet ..That impression quickly disappeared whn i got it to work in some cottonwoods leaves.

    This thing is a brute outpowers my echo by id say a good 25%.

    Ill give a full review when leaf season gets into high gear.
    Here is a pic of the redmax and the echo can see the size difference...My dumb ass brother took the pic so hopefully it came out ok lol.
  2. jim dailey

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    "I told ya so".
  3. 65hoss

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    Hey Jack, if you don't like it I will give you 1/2 your money back for it. Its used you know. hahahaha.
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  4. Hey hoss are the air filters interchangeable with the 7001 ...Dealer said he had a slew of 7001 filters in stock . .
  5. olderthandirt

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    Dumb azz brother throws telephone poles for fun, might just want to say my brother and leave it at that. And Hoss is cheap I'll give ya 2/3 of your money back. lol

  6. Shady Brook

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    Hey Jack, where did you order that beast from? How much did you have to give, and how much heavier is it then your Echo 650's, I don't want to here my guys cry all day because they have to carry so much weight :p.

  7. MOJO111

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    Nice one Jack :cool2: How much for that Bugger if ya don't mind me askin??
  8. jay and mojo ..549 in american. jay got it at bonanza service in dolton jay.Bill the owner is a first class guy.

    The weight is about the same as the echo ..One thing about the redmax it has in addition to the shoulder straps ...a strap you can put around your waist.
    Im very impressed by this blower.
  9. impactlandscaping

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    Mac beat me to it...I was going to say the same thing about "little", I have some 14' 6x6's that I need at the bottom of a steep hill, do you think he could come to Motown and toss 'em down?? LOL..Nice blower, Jack...let us know how it does in the next month..

  10. JimLewis

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    I was curious how much we'd pay for one of these blowers. I called my local supplier and they told me $499.00 if I bought just one and they could get it down to $469.99 if I bought 3-4 of them. I wonder how much we could get it down if there were 10 or 20 of us who wanted one. We could probably get them down to $450.00. Even with $25 shipping, that'd be a hellava deal.

    Which leads me to My Next Thought.........

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