The Biggest Pain to the most Gain

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shane7258, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I learned a loong hard lesson in the bid process last year.

    One account %0 dollars for five hours of Hard Labor The guy was a jerk and I was an idiot.

    Thanks to that I am now bidding jobs properly $40 an hour and you know I was affraid of rejection but 90% accept a good bid and the othe 10% try to get cheap service and thats what they deserve a guy with a craftsman etc etc not someone with 20 grand in equipment

    Thanks to all of the seasoned veterans on this site for making sure us Rookies charge for the service so these 25 dollar accounts that take too long go away and they have for me.

    Trust your work, trust your price and get what you deserve.

    Nothing is free and I think for a 5 minute job it is a 25 dollar charge for just getting me to the property no matter what you want even if it is a five minute edge

    Thanks once again and Rookies don't be affraid to say $45, $50 or heck $125

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