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    I mentioned in another thread that I had attempted to do graphics on one of my boxvans using adhesive vinyl printed in china and get my helper to put it on, and ended up spending over 1000 bucks to actually get every thing done, and it does look redneck if you are 3 feet away from the van. but 8 feet and up the graphics look nice and 12 feet out they look great. since the purpose of graphics is to get the neighbors of current clients, then this succeeds.

    This thread will be kind of a trial and error thread on putting large banners on the side of box trucks. I have seen this done with high dollar "truck ads" frames, and then you pretty much have to order exact fitting banners from them to make it all work. Thier banner pricing was about 4 bucks per square foot for 125 dpi ( dots per inch) , 16 ounce vinyl, along with the frame of around 800 bucks for both sides of the box van.

    once you get thier frame, you pretty much gotta use thier banner. They quote around 1775 for a 20 foot baox van, mine came out to be 1400 total for a 14 footer.

    I ordered 2, 7 foot by 14 foot, 20 ounce weight, 1440 dpi printed ( way sharp ) from a hong kong ebay company for 300 bucks including shipping. I had them overlap and double the outside edge for about 4 inches and do a black 4 inch border around the edge. They arrived a few days ago, and I am stunned at the quality. beautiful.

    Locally I ordered some 1.5 inch angle iron cut to fit for a frame, that I will prime,paint and then install. the front and top will have the banner just sndwiched between the angle and the box van and screwed into the frame. the bottm and rear will actually have angle mounted to the van, and then I will sandwich the banner between 2 pieces of angle nested together. I will then tighten the nested piece to the bottom and rear piece already mounted with carriage bolts, and then hopfully be able to tighten this down as tight as a drum to the van and get rid of any wrinkles. I got an estimate of 200 bucks on the angle, and another 10 bucks on primer and black paint.

    I'll be starting this install on wednesday this week and I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
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    lets see some pics
  3. OP
    David Gretzmier

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    I've never posted pics before, but I may figure out how on this instance. I will try to post a before and after pic, and maybe a pic of the other boxvan project we did this year using china printed graphics.

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