The "Chilehead Way" of Collecting From Deadbeats

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Chilehead, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Yesterday I wrapped up my latest landscaping project. The customer and I had agreed that they would pay me online for the balance due. Sure enough, they had not payed by the following morning. I called them and asked what had happened, and they of course gave me some B.S. of how the job just did not seem complete. The customer could not even substantiate what they felt was not complete. Of course, everything was complete per our written contract. I demanded payment, and naturally they refused and hung up the phone. Okay......STOP.

    This folks, is why you ALWAYS take dozens of before and after pics of every job site you do. Alright, let's continue......

    So upon hearing I won't get paid, I drive out to their house, park my truck in the street, and call the non-emergency police line. I get an officer on the phone and tell him in a few sentences that I just completed this project, the client won't pay, and I need a report from an independent witness (the cop) to serve as evidence for me to sue this guy in court for theft. Note: it was the word, "theft" that got the officer to move. The police usually do not get involved in civil matters, but "theft" is equated with "crime". When he finally rolls around 20 minutes later, I show him the pics/paperwork and we both proceed to the front door. When my client answered the door with both of us standing there, he looked scared as hell. Before the officer even opens his mouth, my client starts off with, "Hey, I know what this is about, but, uh, let me see about paying this right now." The officer then verifies our statements, and the guy pays online within 10 minutes. Because he payed, no report had to be filled out. That's how you do it people.
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    That's pretty slick Jack!
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    That's awesome.
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    Good deal. Glad to hear it worked out and you gat paid. Wish police would make that a typical experience. And 20 minute response is quick, I mean QUICK for non emergency response.
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    Yes, it's quick for us too. Forty-five minutes is the norm.
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    You da man. That's why they call you the Godfather!::dancing:
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    You sir inspired me. Thanks!
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    Thats what its about right there. Getting paid.

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