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    hey every one started running the busines a year ago . we live in a rural area so jobs are spread out . for starting i bought a cheap 50 inch rider 25 hp briggs els and a almost new but used john deere 36 inch belt walk built a stiping kit and my home made discharge blocker .2 trimmers a older redmax and a new home owner cub cadet {burnt that out already } for blower cub cadet com backback blower .wood spilter for fire wood had husky saw a rancher 55. now that its winter and this is ny a new snow way plow on a 01 dodge ram 1500. our trailer is a 05 5 by 10,not big enough but in the price range i needed to be . the rider does the job but the cut is just not up to par but i do need and like to use it on 2 big spots because its rough as in some one put a house in a hay feild . but its light as they are always wet cut them at 4 to 5 inch so i will be keeping it to do places like that as it has already payed for its self.the 36 really does a good job and have been happy with it other than no sulkey so i do get slowed down and it is a bear going down hills or angle cuts on side hills getting strait lines. what im looking at is a 48 inch floating hydro walk and bull rider to us as a main mower with the 36 as back up or my fenced in areas. im trying to pick up the pace get the job done faster but i want a good cut im only intrested in doing a good job .as to dealers we have a larger city about a hour away any brand or type of mower but really out of the way and could care less after the sale in our town cub cadet do not have the walk in stock but will order for 4100 they have a full shop fix tractors to m60 carry red max and cub com handheld not sure how much support is there but we have 5 other dealers in 40 miles also husky dealer in town big saw shop will order and walk i want the 48 inch hydro is about 4900 service seems ok and carry stihl hand held and husky hand held dixion but no hydro and no support really have no com equip in stock or parts . was also looking at power equipment warehouse toro t bar hydro sfs deck in the 44 or 52 inch for 3500 ,but i seem to remember somone saying the sfs was a poor deck to have .so getting to my point of the 3 mowers the cub cadet the husky or the toro can any one tell why they will not be good do the job hold up more dislikes or problems or if you have one and love it please say so.a zero turn is just out to heavy and out of my price range and im leary of buying used unless its a great deal so im going to try to stay in my price range .if somone has any other mowers they think would be better in the price range speak up id like to hear .
    im pretty much stuck with this mower for the next 5 years.ill be at it full time when my wife is back to work full time . im going to buy mid winter so id like to do it right the first time
    thanks to all
    green in ny
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    I gave up after the the 3rd line, i cant make sence of what your talking about!
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    read to bottom got carryed away with info just looking at 3 walk behinds sorry for the long post just trying to give all info on area im in and the tools i have to work with

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