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    take a deep breath.

    i started when i was 11 years old with a 21" Honda self propelled
    mower and a Ryan line trimmer. my dad wouldn't let me use the edger because it was to dangerous.

    then when i was 13 my grandfather gave me an old Murray rider that i used to pull a tiny trailer to hold my line trimmer, edger, hand blower, pulling behind my Honda for back yards.

    i then bought a go cart, decided that i needed a new mower at 14 and sold my go cart and Murray for 800.00 and bought a toro 32" rear engine rider that pulled all the same stuff. at this point i had about 30 yards in my neigborough hood

    then at 15 i sold my toro and bought a Dixon ztr for 1200.00, had it for about 2 months and could no longer afford to fix it every day. so i sold that for 1200.00 believe it or not and financed in my dads name a new gravely 40" ztr for 5000.00. it was a sweet ride for me for 3 years.

    at 16 i went to work for a small engine repair shop to learn how to repair my own equipment. worked there till i was 17.

    at 17 i quit there and bought a 1994 f150 for 7500.00 and a 6x12 lawn trailer for 600.00 with NO LEAF SPRINGS. it bounced all over the road. kept it till my best friend at the time began to work with me and we bought a 6.5x16 trailer. well i will back up. my best friends' dad saw that i was making some money and decided that him and his son were going to start mowing lawns also....

    in June of 1998 i registered Clean Cut Lawn Care with the state of Florida.

    at 18 i sold my 94 and bought a 90 f150 4x4 bells and whistles. anyway me and my friend bought out his dad and took over all of the payments on the trailer and equipment. a 6.5x16 trailer, a grasshopper ztr, gravely walk behind and some edgers, line trimmers, blower (to the tune of 10k).

    6 months later he decided that he didn't want to do it anymore, so i bought him out and continued to pay on the loan for another 3 years. sold the grasshopper.

    at 19 i sold the 90 and bought a new 99 f250 pwerstroke long-bed, standard everything. bought a new 60" Dixie chopper flatlander and a new small 4x4 kubota tractor with a bucket, 4' box blade, 6' landscape rake, 4' bush hog.

    at late 20 i sold the 99 and bought a loaded 97 powerstoke 4x4.
    a few months into that it got trashed when someone ran a red light and ate the front end. i then ordered a custom 2001 350 dually powerstroke with a 12Lx4Hx8W' dump bed with bard doors. standard everything. then i bought a new 20' haulmark enclosed trailer.

    at 21 i bought another new 60" Dixie chopper and of course an army af small equipment.

    at 22 i bought my 2nd truck, a 99 350 powerstroke extended cab dually longbed, and soon thereafter started my 2nd maintenance crew with 6 employees.

    late 22 i bought my 3rd truck, a 2001 Isuzu npr hd turbo diesel. it has a 14' dump body and is a dedicated landscape truck which pulls my little tractor for installs/revamps.

    i am now 23 as of 9-13-2003 and am looking forward to adding another truck next year.
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    Great story Tim! Keep us updated as you grow!

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