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The Clothes Make The Man...and The Landscaper

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. GMLC

    GMLC LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,345

    Unfortunately your opinion and what you think have nothing to do with reality. I at least have a clean company polo in the truck for estimates while working and dirty. Reality is people want a professional looking, clean and organized contractor working for them. Not a pig pen.

    While working I would say your 100% right but not for a business meeting/estimate.
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  2. Chilehead

    Chilehead LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from Stockbridge, GA
    Messages: 1,956

    You are dead on. Getting dirty while on the job is unavoidable, but how one presents himself is a direct reflection of his character.
  3. Valk

    Valk LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,738

    Reality is relative to the individual...whether you're the service provider or a (potential) client.

    If your potential customer doesn't like you for whatever reason(s), they'll likely not hire you.

    Some may not hire you because you're too clean OR too dirty...too well-dressed OR too unkept. Too friendly OR not friendly enough.

    Down the road, referrals are where you & your service speak for themselves - placing your foot in the door. And if/should you remind them of someone else they don't/didn't like/care for, well...it is what it is.

    Pride & honesty coupled with reliably provided services is a firm foundational recipe that good folks will respect - and pay for. They will derive their own sense of pride out of this continual transaction.

    A great client base takes time...as does ridding yourself of PITAs you'd rather not provide service for/to.

    My bottom line: first feel comfortable in your own skin. Then dress yourself to be comfortable to present yourself. Would you hire someone you didn't like/respect?

    In case you haven't noticed: Excuses are all too often self-serving.
  4. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,463

    wanna explain why I'm still in business year after year if showing up dirty to an estimate doesn't work?

    I have always come dressed one of 2 ways for the 7 years I've been in business so far. either I have jeans and some character shirt on b/c it's my day off or a rain day or I stop somewhere along my daily route and probably have grass, gas and/or grease stains on my shirts or pants and a dirty face or finger nails.

    I'm not saying the cleaned up way is the wrong way. I'm just saying there's more than one way to do things.
  5. GMLC

    GMLC LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,345

    Most likely because you have no desire to expand beyond solo, are ok with your current income and are content with your living situation.
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  6. Chilehead

    Chilehead LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from Stockbridge, GA
    Messages: 1,956

    This much is true. To be fair, I must say that I am solo. However, I can command a dollar higher than the going rate in my market. The reason for this is professionalism, and yes--image has much to do with it. Clean uniforms, clean-shaven, and grammatically-correct speech are all tools in the "professional's" arsenal.:usflag:
  7. GMLC

    GMLC LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,345

    Nothing wrong with solo! Six digit income can be done solo with the right accounts and systems in place. Two years ago was my first year not solo. I have two part time guys which at least one should be fulltime this year.
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    OUTLANDER LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 576

    this thread is hillarious.....thats completely stereo typing with the 2 picture choices there to choose from......of course the one guy looks more professional. Although that is putting him up against a moron. I personally would much rather see someone dressed for the proffession, the weather, and the ruggedness of the job. Ideally shorts, tank top or t shirt with logo, work boots (of course with good hygeine and work habits)......but deffinately not looking like a friggin concession worker at an amusement park either hahahahahaah:laugh:
  9. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,463

    I still do estimates year after year though. and I still get hired by people year after year.

    true I'm content being solo but that doesn't mean clients don't come and go by one mean or another. so I'm still out there doing estimates.

    90% of my clients are senior citizens. that's the generation some would say do care about how you look. but yet year after year I continue to get hired by this type of clientele.
  10. jrs.landscaping

    jrs.landscaping LawnSite Silver Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 2,763

    Most of the ones I've dealt with just want you to do it cheaper than the last guy, you could show up dressed like a clown and they wouldn't care as long as you had a lower rate. Maybe that's just the one's in my area :confused:

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