The Collection Gods were with me tonight!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sprout, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. sprout

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    I have been trying to collect $60 from a dead beat coustomer for 4 months. Letters,bills,phone calls, I've even been to her house 5 times, all with no luck. The Bit#h just would not communicate with me in any way. I guess her plan was to just not pay and hope that I would drop dead. My wife and I were on our way out to dinner tonight, ( it is her birthday) so I think I'll swing by and try and collect one more time before I write the $60 off. I turn down her street, go around the bend and there she is, out front in her drive way talking to an A/C repair man. I get out, she does'nt see me untill I'm right there, BAM! The blood just drained from her face. I said I'm here for my $60. She looked at the A/C guy and then said I'll get you a check. Everything went just right. :)
  2. bobbygedd

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    4 months? 6 trips over? that $60 shouldv'e been $150
  3. impactlandscaping

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    Hey I think this gas station had ESP...I was gonna file papers on Monday , only to open my mail today and find a check for payment in full ..They won't make it to 90 days next year. I will be using a credit and collections company to keep my cash flowing more smoothly this year..
  4. i_plant_art

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    $60 and 4 months late in with bobbygedd on that one i would have tacked some MAJOR late fees onto that one. glad you got your 60 though as a word of advice start using late fees if someone can pay 60 after being 4 months late why pay on time why not draw the intrest off of it?
  5. Soupy

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    I would never spend so much effort on $60. Time, postage, paper, envelopes, phone calls, and gas all take money.

    I know one thing, I would have made it clear in front of the A/C guy what trouble you were put through. If she left you alone I would have told the A/c guy everything and let him make sure to get payment in advance. I didn't check your location, But I wish I had a need for an A/C repair man.

    Funny story. I had one lady owe me $1100 for lawn care after 2 months of no payment. She lived down the street from me so I would stop periodically to see if she was home. One day I pull up and this BobbyGedd looking fellow gets out of his beat up station-wagon and tells me that my services are no longer needed because he now has the account (He seemed real proud to have this large account). I told him good because I dropped her weeks ago for non payment of $1100 and was just here to collect. She actually broke down in tears telling me she lost a lot of money in a bad investment and was selling the house. Being soft hearted, i told her if she came up with $900 withing 7 days I would not put a lien on her home which was being put up for sale. I got the $900 6 days later.

    P.S The new guy was sitting in his car because he was taking his break from the push mower. Did I mention that this was a little over 2 acres with very fast growing Fescue turf. :)

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