the continuing saga of which mower to buy


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I went to the dealer(45 miles away)that handles Walker in my neck of the woods and they had dropped the Walker line. Couldn't sell enough of them according to the owner. On my way home I visited my JD dealer and demo'd a JD M655(on his lot). The 7 iron deck was very impressive and I told him I needed a demo with a mulching kit on one of my properties with a lot of leaves. Area rep is supposed to get up with me to schedule a demo. Choice is now between Exmark and JD. Any JD ZTR owners out there that can give me any feedback on these machines. I currently have 3 John's(950 and 855 tractors and a 285 mower) and have been satisfied with their performance for what they were designed to do. JD parts are high but the dealer gives fair service. How do Exmark parts compare with JD?


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i have a 61" scag now-but i would like to add a 72" exmark or scag-i have exmark are great machines-i just like my scag because it cuts tougher grasses better-we have a lot of bahia down here-but you should take a good look at the exmark


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Exmark is a much heavier duty machine than the Kees (John Deere). It has a welded deck compared to the JD's stamped deck, but wouldn't an exmark break up your color scheme just a bit?