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  1. till nov 1 lol....its been rainy and humid here this week so summer has officially started. Planning on getting enough work this year to have 2-3 guys working for me....really want to start growing the biz rather than working in the biz....
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    Apparently we think in a similar nature as I just had the countdown thought in my head at the start of the week and remember a similar thread I think you started last year.
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    That is a good goal to work towards. Just remember " the point of diminishing returns". Understand that regardless how many more accounts you have or employees you hirer you or anyone else will only make a certain $$$$ amount and that will be it. Your overhead will consume the balance. Unless your planning on retiring in the near future say 3 to 5 years you will be always working in he "biz".
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    never do yourself what you are paying others to do for you...
  8. What a difference a year makes. We have already gotten nice rains and lower temps. Last may was bone dry and much hotter.
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    Still hot and drier here. Dust city. :usflag:
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    Then you end up like the guy posting why 7guys, 3 crews cutting 170 lawns adds up to being in the red. I will always be active in the field operations of my company. Leading by example worked for 20 years in the military and works just as well in this business.:usflag:

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