the cut throats are out this year!!!!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by pete studer, Mar 12, 2009.

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    On another thread they are all excited about lawnsite having a record number of members online...where do you think they come from.

    Fun to watch guys celebrate their demise...and they don't even know it.
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    wow. i didn't realize how things are i guess. i'm from a small town and i only have 1 large account and a few small ones. i could see $100 or at the extreme $200 less but $500 less or a job that takes 25-30 hrs? it just seems inconceivable to me. i guess i should start cutting throats too!!? then again.... no thanks i don't wanna get caught up in it then i'll have to be running around like the rest of the cut throats getting more jobs to make up for the ones they are not making any$$ on. i guess that's life in the lawn care business,eh? at least my equipment is paid for. damn lowballers anyhow. thanks for the input, pete
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    what's really wrong with the picture is, all my equipment is paid for. i don't owe a dime on any of it. the throat slasher i'm referring to has 2 trucks, 2 trailers, 3 wright standers,a zero turn, and they all are financed. and he's cutting my throat? you'd think i'd be the lowballer as my overhead is very low. ya learn something every day i guess.
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    Is that 8000 less per year? That can be easily done. Your Equipment will tell you how you can bid. Its a big factor. I'll put it this way, I work for a lawn cutter as my full time job (I just do the build side of landscaping part time), but most of people on here cut commericals/condos/HOA/Municapalities with ZTR ranging from 52-60 in machines. We step in with a machines that are sized bigger than ZTR's, IE with a Toro 325, a 580-D type machines along with the smaller machines, our productivity is through the roof, in fact I laugh a little inside when other landscapers tell us that we under bid them in lawn mowing. It is a bigger expense but in the long run it makes more money because of the costs they save.

    I just got the owner, who has been doing this for 29 years, to buy his first Grandstand (instead of a 52in WB), along with another Diesel ZTR (He's old school using Out fronts and Tractors, he purchased his first ZTR 4 years ago) just for this season. But I've been drilling into him effectiency, effectiency, effectiency. His ways were more than proven and still profitably but with mower effectiency is a big key to this industry.
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