The D’ttach™ Work Light (DTWL)

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    “It’s About Time” Quality, Functionality and Satisfaction D’ttach Attachment Series has you Covered!

    Don’t let darkness get in the way of getting the job finished. Made to be used with any D’ttach™ Commercial Attachment Series accessory, the D’ttach™ Work Light (DTWL) uses twin 55 watt halogen bulbs to light your way. The DTWL can also be used by itself to illuminate your work area in the darkest of conditions. The DTWL is built D’ttach™ tough and comes with hard wiring or simple instructions on how to install on your electric start commercial mower. Also available in the quick connect in line switch accessory (DT7771784) to quickly attach and “D’ttach” from one machine to another. The DTWL has a fiberglass housing and has a built in vibration dampening system for longer bulb life. The housing is also sealed to keep moisture and dust out. With the DTWL you won’t have to worry about having enough hours of daylight to get the job done.

    Available to accommodate most commericial walk-behind or ZTR Mowers. The D’ttach™ was developed to fit the Wright Mfg’s Stander RH and Sentar Sport

    The D’ttach™ Work Light quickly attaches and “D’ttaches” from your commercial mower in seconds! D’ttach™ Attachment Series is constructed to endure the high demands of a professional landscaper with heavy duty materials. Quality combined with efficiency equates to saving time and money and being more productive with your power equipment -“It’s about time”.

    Check out our full line of D’ttach products or call us at 1-866-772-0987

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