The differences between a stander and a walk behind

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by magnificentmowing, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone
    Looking at investing money into some good equipment. Currently I mow about three standard residential yards. One extremely small yard that i would get with a regular push mower. And then a 1.5 acre estate that i currently mow with the owners really small poulan tractor and pull behind mower. I really want to get a better cut and spend less time mowing. I have a possible budget of about $2500. I looked at some zero turns but to get a decent one you need alot of money. So I really want a stander mower. This is because i think they could get the job done faster than a walk behind. Also i believe they are more maneuverable. The walk behinds are less expensive. But would they be as efficient? Can you get those things around trees and corners and stuff. I have never used one and just need some advice. Thank You!
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    I have a wide area walk behind and it is zero turn just like the standon mowers. No real difference in manueverability unless you plan on getting a sulky for the walk behind. The benefit of the stander is that you move with the machine instead of being towed by the machine on the sulky. I mow 1.5 acres of very hilly yard with a walk behind 48" and do it in as little as an hour and 8 minutes to 30 minutes. This is walking speed, so I could do it faster once I get the feel of the machine and start using the sulky.
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    I personally would go with a walk-behind and then find a fixed caster style sulky for it.

    I think you would save more money this way, and ultimately have the option to actually walk behind it if you need to.

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    Get a 36" walk behind with a velkie since you're just starting out and you'll be fine. And yes they are a true zero turn. Most people have to make a 3 point turn to turn on a ztr. On a belt driven walk behind most of them the reverse will not work, don't worry about it. I run a 36" and a 48" and neither have reverse. I also think with your budget a stander is out of the question. Good-luck.
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    I have an Exmark Turf Tracer HP and I have a proslide on it and I love it. It manuvers just as well as any other zero turn mower. The advantage to it is that it is retractable when you don't need it and it always stays directly behind the mower and controls and it doesn't hinge and trail like a sulky or velke or whatever they are calling them these days. Before I bought mine new I looked at some used ones and generally it seemed like a person could pick up a good walk behind with fairly low hrs for around $3000 or so depending on condition and other factors. I have never operated a stand on but I have heard they are really nice. They can get kinda pricey tho, I was salivating over a Wright Stander ZK.

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