The dreaded low cost residential Z issue, Take #2

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dfischer58, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Drat. This ain't easy. After much reading (and my thanks to all those that have shared their research, conclusions, and costs), I reached at least a few basic conclusions. I'm going to quickly outline them and then ask for some advise. First background:

    * cutting 1 acre residential, mostly flat, with a 200' long steep berm that I'll either hand mow or use the 265 on.

    * I own a JD 265 w/46" deck that will likely still be running in 10 more years, but I don't care for the deck. To shallow, with all the ills that implies. Still, after 17 years, I give it the props it deserves.

    * Objective: Deere, like it or not, is getting old. 1 acre, with a deck I don't like, ain't in the cards. It needs help or a replacement. If I could afford a CUT I'd do that but can't so...


    * I'll skip the MTD/CC, Husky et al bashing, and simply say "I agree"

    * Simplicity Consumer Z WAS at a tempting price point in '04, but that has changed. I'm seeing $4.5K for the Consumer Z 20/50, the hyrdo's aren't really all that smooth, and the speed, at 7 mph isn't all that impressive. Of course, with a 20" tire, it might not be smooth enough to run faster.

    * I could live with a a Hustler Mini Z, and it seems to be about $6k new. Faster, more power, bit more deck (lets assume 23/52), bigger tires. Maybe tougher, but finish quality of many ZTR brands is beginning to make me nervous and I know a simplicity or a Deere is likely, say, painted right for gods sake. Maye a hustler is the next kubota, but then maybe not.

    * I would be happy with a Deere 727A, and it seems a close enough match to the Mini Z. Pricing new about the same, $6k, but resale race naturally goes to the Deere, and I think I could find a Deere dealer on the moon.

    Now, any of these best live 10 years, and I'm not gonna own something I won't like for $100 or $125 a year diff, so the Consumer Z is looking a bit weak to me right now. But lets shake this up a bit and then I'll ask the question.

    Lets assume I can buy a used Consumer z for $3.3K, and hustler for $4.5K and Deere for $5K. Still not a lot difference, but is Deere really 50% more mower then the Simplicity?

    For 50% savings I'd love to get the Cz, but I'm having a hard time believing it's even close to an equal machine, and, again, for $100 to $125 a year....

    Comments, advise from any welcome'd those that have run or owned both desperately sought.
  2. wushaw

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    Do some test driving on all the machines you are interested in, then you might be closer to what machine you will be comfortable on in ten years.
  3. dfischer58

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    Decent advise wushaw. I suppose I meant my comment on the simplicities hydro's to imply I'd driven one, but to be clear, I'm in the midst of driving them.

    FWIW, I place value on a test drive, but the experience of ownership can't be replaced by a mere spin around the lot. I've noticed some in this forum have owned quote a few Z's and I'm hopeful I'll learn from their experiences, or perhaps learn how my conclusions and or thoughts are, or aren't flawed.


  4. wushaw

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    dfischer58, I have a Hustler mini-fastrak 36" that I use to squeze in all the areas I can't fit my 61" Grasshopper. I have only had these machines a few months and what I have learned is the bigger tires on the Grasshopper makes for a smoother ride.
    The Hustler sits lower and is lighter and is alot of fun to drive. The Grasshopper is big and powerful that gets the job done very well. I like both machines but time will tell how they will hold up.

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