The drought is killing me !!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfer, Sep 19, 2001.

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    I'm really starting to stress about this drought. We haven't had rain in weeks. I have about a 50/50 ratio of customers who have irrigation systems and those that do not. Some of my irrigated yards are even hurting. I saw some huge cracks today in one of my yards and I've seen many trees and bushes starting to wilt. I've re-scheduled aeration and seeding on some customers more than once. I'm getting calls from customers concerned about their turf. This is my first full year and I have learned a good lesson. Educate the customer up front not at the time of the issue. I'm not sure why people do not understand that the grass will not grow without water! I applied my September fertilizer last week when there was a rain threat. The rain never came. A few of my yards may have some fert. burn along with the drought stress. Will these lawns recover ? How much rain do they need ? I'm counting on going into mid October with my seeding. We use tall fescue here in mid North Carolina. Thankfully I have some customers who are watering heavily before I get there to seed or aerate. Some are just waiting on the rain. I guess I need Ray's aeravator. I'm just using my ryan aerator now and I till up bare spots with my tiller. I have considered renting a slit seeder. The big companies around here are not slowing down. Does a slit seeder work okay on hard ground? (clay) Can you rent an aeravator? What do you guys do when you have no rain during seeding season? Do you wait on mother nature or do you change your methodology. Like I said, some of the big companies around here are not slowing down. They are aerating and pulling 1/4 inch plugs or they are slit seeding in a pile of dust.
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    Turfer, slit seeding works the best on ground that is moist or sandy. If you go toward costal NC you'll see more people slit seeding but in Cary you have to wait for the rain we may get tonight or find an aeravator. The possibilty of renting a aeravator would be expensive. Have you seen the unit on the front of a Grasshopper mower. I know Several LCO's close to me that have them and love them because they are mounted on the front where you can see where you're going.

  3. Here in my area of chicago in july it got bad
    but we got a ton of rain in aug.
    It was abnormally hot in july to ,and the irrigated lawn
    suffered some damage.just hope you dont get water sprinkler bans

    I hope it rains there real soon
    just keep praying we ll say a few for you to
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    turfer--sorry for your drought.

    we aren't having one here.

    lucky for us, no rain in the last 10 days except for today.

    best cutting in over 5 years for us here.

  5. Eric ELM

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    It's strange how the rain was so spotty around here. I remember when you probably got that big rain, we only got 3/8" here on the NW side when you got the big flood. That was the first good rain we had gotten in weeks. :(

    Things are looking good for us now though after the rain today. :)
  6. ERIC

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    :blob3: hang in there, im in jersey and the people are the same, "my neighbors lawn is beatiful, and you do them", yeah but your neighbor water non stop. we finally got some rain last week and pushed my last 2 fret rounds in the ground should have so fun cuttin ass deep grass next week.

    P.S., it's amazing these people dont call in april and may when it rains every third day and we cuttin ass high grass. T

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