The dumbest thing I have ever done...

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JRAZ, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. JRAZ

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    Today I had one of my crews take down the wrong tree on one of our condo props we manage. THE WRONG TREE! The COA is cool about it because they like me and I will make it right but WTF was I thinking?

    I am kind of laughing about it NOW. Sort of funny. It could be a worse situation.

    Thought I would share. Anyone else have a good one?

    ~J RAZ
  2. spoolinaround

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    I think that is tough to beat, LOL

    the worst I ever did was listen to a customer say it was ok to drive on the lawn to get into the backyard with a load of compost for his garden, needless to say 4 mud tires and a locking differential diddnt get my dually unstuck, ended up getting pulled out by a buddys 1 ton ram after I burried it to the frame, I should have stopped when it felt like it was sinking a little, but I looked out and it was only sinking in 2-3" BFD I thought because I had 4 tons of compost in the back of the truck so I kept going, then it started sinking worse about 5-6".... still not a big deal because I have a diesel that can power through it and I only have another 30 feet to go so I kept going, about 10' later I was sinking in about 8-10" so I said bonzi!!!! and held it to the floor and made it the rest of the way figuring I would dump the load and just float on top when I left WRONG about 12" below the surface was that nasty black swamp goo that swallowed me up, lol

    I think I used almost half of the load of compost to fill in the 12" deep 24" wide ruts that were 50' long
  3. Coffeecraver

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    You should offer to do a re-plant of the tree.
    Find out what type tree it is and replace it.

    Even though the people were good about it, they may have it in mind
    the next time something happens.It could end up costing you a contract.

    Replacing it could help you retain it the next time something happens.


    I think that is tough to beat, LOL

  4. JRAZ

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    from NW
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    I know it is hard to believe but it was actually a kinda easy mistake to make. The tree we took down was rather irrelevant and needed to be taken down.

    Anyhow, I will be doing what is necessary to keep them happy :)

    By far my biggest mistake in my 8 year career.

    No other stories out there or is everyone here perfect? I know my story is tough to beat. LOL
  5. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Yours is hard to beat but I'm gonna give it a shot. :rolleyes:
    A couple of years ago, I had 2 neighbors who always had us do their cleanups together. I had been working for them for about 5 years, since my scrub days. On this particular occasion, only one wanted the cleanup. Long story short, I cleaned the wrong yard. Was 3/4 finished before I looked at the address in my order book and realized it. I went ahead and finished the cleanup and then did the correct yard. I only charged the one that wanted the cleanup and, of course, the other was a freebee. As I was finishing the correct yard, the owner of the other property came home. Surprisingly she was livid, even after I told her of the mistake and that she would not be charged. I have not heard from either property owner since. I guess the one was just intolerant, even though I had had no problem with her before. I think the other one was mad because of the freebee. She wanted hers for free too I guess. ;)
  6. muddstopper

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    Well, I think I have you beat. I was clearing a lot of lots for houses one year. the realitor had taken me to a development he was working on to look at taking out the timber. He had a survey map in hand and we walked the boundry lines which where marked in orange flaggings. We agreed on a price and I started cutting the next day. I cut all the timber and had a dozer pile the brush. The next day I went to the lot to burn the brush and there where two old ladies parked in front of the lot and they didnt look none to happy. I got out and they set in to screaming at me for cutting the trees off their lot. Seems the realitor had made a huge mistake as to which lot was to be cleared. The lot to clear was actually the lot next to the one that I had already cut. The realitor ended up having to buy the lot from the two old ladies to keep from getting sued. I got to cut the timber off the other lot to. I made out pretty well as the timber was old growth stuff and pretty good sized.
  7. Mo Green

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    Hey man....**** happens. At least your not one of those surgeons that amputated the wrong foot...LOL
  8. spoolinaround

    spoolinaround LawnSite Senior Member
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    does that mean when he sued the doctor the paitent had no leg to stand on ?
  9. sheshovel

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    Muddstopper that doesn't count cuz you did what you were hired to do and wasent your mistake.Good story though anyway.But I don't think it counts.
    Here's mine when I first started out in this biz I was working for a landscaper and her boyfriend.Well,the had me drive the boyfreinds little truck (a company car)all day back and forth to get ammendment that I had to load by hand at her house.
    About my 8th load that day I backed up to the job to unload yet another load,and I was getting really tierd by now.Walked around the back of truck turned to get my shovel ,turned back an there was no truck!It was happily rolling down the drvwy right towards a huge oak tree across the road.I gave futile chase.It crashed into the tree with a loud crunch.I had forgotten to set the brake and had left it in nutral.So stupid!
    I was so embarrassed.
    After that the boyfreind tryed to make me pay the insurance deductable.
    I had been on the clock and it was a company car my fault or not I did not want to fork over $500.00 for an accident I mean I did not do it on purpose.So I said no.
    He made the mistake of coming over to our table at a bar when we were watching the super bowl to harrass me in front of MY manfreind about the money.
    Big mistake cuz he got smashed right in the nose by my date and was on the floor drunk and bleeding out his nose and Then I was relly embarrassed!Needles to say I lost the job and started out on my own from then on.
  10. lawnman_scott

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    Dont feel too bad, i did the same thing a few years ago.

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