the duraforce is BACK!!!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnboyguru, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Buy what?...a lawn boy?....and why is this in the commercial Landscaping forum?
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    Lawnboyguru:dizzy: :dizzy: :hammerhead:
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  5. Wells

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    I think your link is old.
    Although the link still works Lawnboy isn't making a 2-stroke mower anymore which is too bad since the Duraforce engine was one of the best available.
  6. Jay Ray

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    Hope it is true. Spec sheet was copyright 2005 but the link itself is copyright 2007. I've had my 21 beyond 15 degrees too often for too long, and the B&S is starting to smoke. I'm ready to consider 2-cycle.
  7. Jason Rose

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    Yes it appears there's some sort of loophole back to the old duraforce models on the website. On the homepage for walkbehinds they are NOT listed anywhere. If you click on "Engines" there's 3 there, the duraforce is still listed there for some reason. Click on that and it guves a nice description of it, then you can click under "worry free" on the goldpro or silverpro series and come up with the same page that the OP had given here. I guess their webdesigner must not be getting paid enough to clean up the old stuff when updating the site, lol.

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