The economy is even hurting the rich...Oh my!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pbr1893, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. pbr1893

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    A customer called after reviewing his mowing bill. He said to start cutting the main yard once every two weeks and the TENNIS COURT/FULL LENGTH BASKETBALL COURT area once a month.
    I told him I would have to raise the price because it would take longer. He was not pleased and said he'd do it himself with his mower. Have at it I thought! Went by the other day and man what a terrible job he did!!!! Gone are my patterns and in it's place were areas not weed-eaten and misses all around where his non Z turn refused to go. This guy would be unhappy if I missed one spot when mowing and this(his mowing attempt) is what he calls satisfactory? I capitalized TENNIS COURT/FULL LENGTH BASKETBALL COURT to show that this guy has the bucks but is trying to take care of his second home which cost over $500,000 on the cheap. I would have pulled in his driveway to talk to him but his SAIL BOAT and $100,000 MOTOR COACH were in the way.:wall What a tool!
  2. yard_smart

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    I don't think this is true. The wealthy are fine . . . . this guy is prolly not rich just over extended . . . being rich is how much money you put in your pocket not what your toy payments are. I power wash a rally's every thirty days and just did it last week and the manager told me that they are fine (it is in the HIGH HIGH income area) he said sales are up 15% from last year!!!!!

    Im not putting my head down im looking for companies going out of biz because they think the Economy is going under and all that bs . . .i look to make money when the economy is up and down!!! You have to understand . . . money doesn't disappear it jsut changes hands. . . . figure out where it is going and hit em up!!!!

    hope everything starts looking up for ya mn . .. . keep ya head up and keep hustling !!!!
  3. pbr1893

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    I appreciate the reply...we are doing pretty good actually. I just found it amusing that he's trying to trim the fat(the yard guy) but can't look at his other toys around the house and think, "Man, I got a lot of crap here just sitting around." I do feel for the landscape installers right now, because its slow due to the lack of new construction... but for us, the grass grows every week and we take care of business.
  4. ALC-GregH

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    I'm not taking a jab at you but it sounds like your alittle jealous of all his toys.
  5. lawnpro724

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    I have plenty of work but things are slower than they should be this year. I have had some of my commercial accounts go down to every ten days for the lawn at least its not twice a month. I've had several landscaping jobs either canceled or postponed this year and the reason for everyone is the economy. The rich still have their money but are more cautious about spending it and everyone else are just cutting back anyway they can.
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    I'm seeing the postpone or cut back issue a lot as well! The work is comming in from other places though so its all good!
  7. jameson

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    As someone already intimated, "rich" is a relative descriptive; and I can assure you, the wealthy aren't looking to pinch a few pennies by canceling their lawn service, the current state of the economy notwithstanding.

    If and when some of my moneyed 'lord of the manor' types see fit to cancel my services to save a buck or two, then I'll be concerned.
  8. lifetree

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    This is so true !!
  9. Az Gardener

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    He is probably upside down on the toys so he has no choice. I would thank him for being a stand up guy and canceling service rather than just letting you mow for another 30-45-60 days then "settle" with you in another 30 days.

    Be a bigger man, offer to come by once a month and fix his mess so it doesn't get too far out of hand. For a reasonable price of course. When things turn around you will get the account back.

    Win-win as it should be.
  10. mountainmowinman

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    Hey Pbr don't you love these great temps were getting in the mountains? Last night we were at 50 degrees. No I hear what you are saying, lots of people are feeling the pinch with money, I'm just thankful the grass is growing still. I just hope our fall isn't as dry as 08'

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