The end of a great day

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BrandonV, Mar 24, 2010.

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    2 straps per item is the law unless the sides are high enough I think 4 ft. Also, 2 straps for the first ten ft plus one strap for each additional 10 ft there after so for a 20 ft ladder three straps needed. Sucks for the ticket but pallets of paver's have fallen off on I75 in Ft Myers killing people in two cars. I have also been behind a lumber truck in the same area and had a 2x4 go between me and my boss sitting on the same bench seat. This 2x4 fell off hit the road then went through the windshield and through the bench seat before stopping.
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    Dont feel bad we got hit by DOT today too. Its nothing more than a money machine, they hit you with a few thing and hand you the bill and send you on your way.
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    I have never seen so many NC State Troopers in my area as this year. They're out looking for money. The other day I was hauling dirt and in about 11 miles I saw seven suburbans with commercial trucks stopped. I was ready for them, I think. I'm completely legal, still don't want to be stopped though.
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    Thats kind of what I was talking about in another thread, about all the sudden enforcement of almost everything! They need money! and could care less if you are a risk on the road, or if youre not wearing your seat belt, or even driving drunk! They could care less about your or others safety, these laws are in place to provide an easy fine, that equals money in their pockets.

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