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The Epitome of CHEAP


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Springfield, MO
Thought this was really interesting...
I was browsing Craigslist for my area this morning, and ran across an ad for a lady wanting her yard cut. According to her ad, it was a 1/3 acre lot, all on a steep hill, so that probably means the grass was two feet high and off a cliff. She said she wanted it done as cheaply as possible, "the cheaper the better" were here words in the post. I thought what the heck, so sent her an email saying I would be glad to come give an estimate, my minimum charge is $30, rough and steep terrain will run more, if you don't want weekly service it will also run more. She replied back nearly instantly and said:
Can you do it for $10? Otherwise I can do it myself for that kind of price. TEN FRICKING DOLLARS???? Well sure, maybe if I didn't have insurance or commercial equipment, and I was 8 years old and dumb as a rock.
The killer is, with all the lowballers in this area, she will probably get it done...HAHA


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you shouldve said $95 just to insult her. See what she'd say.


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Hay Guys, sometimes I have to remind myself NOT to go crazy on calls like this, Sometimes when we refer to the elderly, they proubley lost there spouse's and are on a VERY fixed income.....

not trying to throw S*** in the game, but I try to think of some calls as such


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lady calls me today and asks to come by to look at her landscape and that she was only interested in weeding and such. she had already given me her address and i was aware of what type of homes and landscapes are in the area and i immediately responded with "my minimum is $90 per visit, 2hr per visit, once per month. she said that that was 10 times what she was paying last year and that she did not need my services. i wanted to give her a chance so i informed her that i do not only weed during my maintenance visits i also remove debris and do proper shrub and perennial care and anything else that i can. she politely said no thanks and hung up.

$9!!! i hope she wasnt serious about the 10 times thing. that is funkin sick.....

some people gasp and choke at my $90 minimum others pay me praise me and give me christmas cards with money in them. i think ill take the christmas card customers


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These type of customers are absolute vermin. Pass them by and never waste your company's time on them - Life is too short for their SH&# - unless you are absolutely naive when it comes to business in general. This is what you face when ALL YOU DO is "Cut Grass" - You totally open your wounded-self to all the "Commodity (Price!, Price!, Price Per Cut !) Thinkers".

Thank God we sold our entire Grass Route !
Free and Clear of that Grass Cuttin' BS as of 3/2007 !!!!!!!!!!


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[ i think ill take the christmas card customers[/QUOTE]
I agree totally

Shawns Lawns

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You should have told her you will do it as soon a a spot opens up on your mowing list.:waving: