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The funniest things new employees do??

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What are the funniest things you've seen new employess do? I've been training a few new ones...I've seen them edge flower beds that had no grass what-so-ever, I got a nice chuckle with that one...put a new guy on a 36" wb, belt driven, yesterday to mow a square lawn...was funny to watch the mower jerk him around while he's learning the controls..:D ;)
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during training, trying to learn how to use the sulky
I had a guy pis on an electric fence one time!

Stev Snider
I had a guy take a walk behind swimming, not funny
we have a college kid who was changing blades on the mowers and put the blades on upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol luckily somebody caught it before he finished with that mower!
try this one, this guy thought he needed to sharpen the edger blade when it wore down.
Girls and thier long hair don't go well with back pack blowers!!
She didn't think it was to funny but me and the boys were rolling.
Came to work-(first day) nice long hair
End of day- realy bad hair cut
Next day-gees sharon love ya hat.
When my brother first started working for me, we stopped at the gas station to fill up, and I told him to pour the oil into the mix container. He proceeded to try and pour the oil down the spout instead of unscrewing the top.....I just stared, then laughed.

Another guy was blowing leaves from a front porch, and backed right into one of those hanging know, the ones with the really long tails.....We spent a while cutting it out of the impeller. I can go on and on. You accumulate some good stories in 20 years.
had a new guy that turned with the backpack and smashed the sliding glass door. The first week it was fixed, he did the same exact thing.

Long time ago, and i still get the giggles with this one. Had a kid cutting a back with a 21" home owner left a 5gal. bucket on the lawn. Kid cuts up to the bucket. Steps to the side of the machine to move bucket. Next thing I saw he was taking his sneaker out of the bag.

A few years back had a guy that the clasp on his pants broke in the early morning. Every time he carried a barrel his pants would fall to his ankles. Made this guy carry the barrels the whole day :p Took him half a day to smarten up and take some trimmer line to tie his pants up.

This happens often. A new hire during spring cleanups blowing into the wind
Had a guy pour straight gas into line trimmer. Corrected the problem before he started, but then he attempts to pout the gas back into the container....right in the middle of clients front lawn.

Noticed he was always running out of line on string trimmer, watched him one day load about 5ft on the He asked how much then. We were at the front of the truck, had him hold the line as I walked to the end of the 16ft trailer and I said..."this much"....his jaw just dropped in astonishment.

I had a new guy get a toro z master stuck in mud so bad that we had to use my pick up truck to pull it out. Wait a minute, that was me that got it stuck.
Last week I was mowing on a rider....the customer came out to tell me something so I put it in park and ran over to her....Before I got to her , she is pointing behind me , so I turn and look.....My rider has taken off across the yard so I give chase, just as I reach it, it slams into the side of her van.......................:mad: :mad:
I pull it off and it left a reasonable dent. I'm thinking $300-$400 damage and am starting to feel the stress level rise. Here is what happened. She walks over and I am steadily apologizing, feeling like a dope. She goes "it's ok, that is my work van and it has dings in it already." I'm like whew! I could not believe my luck. Although it wasn't an employee, it was me and I am a newbie to the biz. Just glad I can tell this story in jest.:)
There are some really good stories here that made me chuckle.

I have half a roll cage on my lazer and was mowing in my back yard, going towards a tree I duck to go under a branch but, forgot about the top of the roll cage. Didn't do much to the branch but, the sudden stop scared me pretty good.
leaving the gates down on the trailer and driving all the way down a dirt road. twice.
I've done many stupid things myself, but one of the funniest things I have seen an employee do was about 7 years ago. He was mowing the backyard of a 1.5 acre property while I was trimming out front. When I got back there, the sprinkler system was running and the poor guy was just walking right through the spray. He was totally soaked.
I really don't know why he didn't come and tell me to turn the water off. My other employee and I laughed for about a half hour, and I'm even laughing now as I'm typing this. I don't know, maybe you just had to be there.
I had a fairly new employee take my z-master with brand new bagger on it and run into a telephone pole guide wire that was on a slant.
He said he thought since he cleared it the whole machine would.
Thats when i pointed out how high it was compared to when he was sitting on the machine.And this was on his 3-4 day on the job.

This employee worked for me less then a week.:(
We were working on a job & we were working in different sections of the cemetery, and I found out later that while i thought he was working he was sitting in my truck drinking beers and listening to the radio.

I found this out because my sister and mother just happened to be walking around in there that day and saw him doing it.

Another good story....this is when I was a party cheif on a land surveying crew...

Was surveying this house....I was with the transit gun writing down info, another guy is operating the gun...another man is moving around the property with a set of prizm mirrors on a pole that reflects the laser beam back to the transit gun...well, I needed a shot at the house, there's a sheet of plywood leaning against some bushes beside the house...behind the plywood, the biggest hornets nest I'd ever seen...well, I tell Chris I need a shot over there by the house, told him there's a hornets nest behind the plywood, so be careful...he gets excited and decides to check it out...I tell him, "no man, don't mess with the hornets, they're short tempered." His reply is, "you just have to be slow and cautious." I tell him again not to mess with the hornets, but he's already on his way...

He gets there and he's at an angle facing us...sneaks up real slow, pulls the plywood back real slow...he had no idea how big that nest really was, but when he saw it, his eyes got real big...he puts the plywood back real slow, turns around and starts to walk away real slow...well, his theory didn't work, they we're buzzing around him, in his hair,etc...I yell, "Chris, run, they're all around you, but don't run my way." He takes off running and as soon as he did, the hornets gave looked like a cartoon when there's a ball of bees chasing a character...those hornets we're hot on his heels, 10' behind him...he ran around the house corner, and the hornets went around the corner as well...

This house was on a lake, so Chris is heading for the water, hornets still chasing and the other guy thinking that Chris is going to dive in the water...well, right before he gets there, he stops...then he starts slapping himself everywhere, the hornets tore him up...during all this, me and the other guy are laughing our butts off and especially so when he stopped short of the water...afterwards, I asked Chris why he stopped...his reply, "Well, i saw everybody laughing and I figured if i dove in the water, everyone would be laughing harder, so I didn't." That is one of the funniest things I've seen yet...
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One of my guys (a Mexican) has a bad habit of laying his arm on the trimmer's exhaust from time to time. The other day, he burned it real good. The other Mexican guy with him was calling him Fajita all day.
One of my guys (a Mexican) has a bad habit of laying his arm on the trimmer's exhaust from time to time. The other day, he burned it real good. The other Mexican guy with him was calling him Fajita all day.

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