The future is here (check this video out)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bedbug, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. bedbug

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  2. MarcSmith

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    You woke me up for that????......I'll go back to sleep now.....

    Must remember, and repeat after me "You still need an operator". Our jobs are'nt in any danger
  3. LawnBrother

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    Those are pretty cool! I wonder how much they cost. I guarantee $30k at least. I agree with Marc, though, our jobs are safe. It's the LCO employees whose jobs will be at risk in the future, as these mowers become more affordable and better at what they do. As soon as Honda makes a trimmer attatchment for Asimo it's all over.....
  4. MarcSmith

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    until it wacks your prized Flowers or draws blood from your legs. AI is a long way away....
  5. topsites

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    I'm saying, because it might be ok for the usual flat square yards. Most of mine are neither :laugh:

    But commercially?
    Who puts fuel in them, who sharpens the blades, and oh yes: Were you planning on leaving the machine out there, or do you just drop it off then pick it up later?
    Isn't it easier to go ahead and cut it while you're there?
    I suppose you could be trimming or edging while it cuts...
    Oh but wait, you'd have to reprogram the mower every yard.
    Maybe they provide them with CD-Rw's so you can just slip in the CD for the appropriate yard and omg if you mix up the programs you are skru'd LOL!
    Or better yet, just get one for every yard, program it so it parks itself someplace inconspicuous between cuts, then all you have left to do is maintenance every 8 hours or so (change blades every 8th cut,
    Then all you do is load the truck with the maintenance stuff and hope the rechargeable impact runs all day.
    In my case, I'd order me around 40-50 of them, don't forget a few for backup, so make it a 60 mower order.

    What will they think of next, cars that drive themselves?
    Oh wait, they did, they tried that a few times already.
    So long I ain't seen a car rumbling along SAFELY without a human driver, I think we're safe from the bots for another 10-20 years.
  6. martyman

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    Throw a barbeque cover over me and I'm a robot :rolleyes:
  7. John Gamba

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    i posted theses mowers a while ago--- do a search --- your future---

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