The future of lawn care.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Cody Thelen, Mar 7, 2019.

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    I think we will start to figure out ways/technics to get our jobs done easier but without the human labor aspects. Like was said before lawn care isn't going anywhere soon. There is a certain human creativity that goes into landscape/lawn care enhancements. I also think that there will be a place for commercial companies and for small companies just maybe not like it is now. I think the labor aspect will change because I just don't see a generation coming up that's going to say "this labor intensive job is awesome! Don't know why we ever missed out on this." That is unless we can find another country to our dirty work so we can be lazy. Lol. Who knows I'll be out soon enough (next 5 yrs or so....maybe) but it was a great ride! Don't think we will go back to the good ole days (pre 08) any time soon but the business is what you make it. Just my .02. FWIW to the young new companies, start saving as soon as you can because you will blink your eye and it will be 20 yrs later and a balance of work ,play and most importantly family is a must for your future sanity!
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    Don't bother me in the bit
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    I see me working like the following. Super tight route require, I have that now.
    Dropping off my robotic mowers at 2-4 properties, travel to the next stop, drop off couple more mowers, solar charging on the trailer. Go back to the original drop and edge, trim, and blow. Drop those mowers off at stop 3, go back to stop #2 and do the edge, trim, and blow there. continue that leap frog until my day is done. Prices will be the lowest for mowing in our history.
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    I plan on medical advances, being able to grow new eyes and limbs. Plus cloning people lost in tragic lawn care accidents. My insurance will cover it in the future.... Kinda kidding....
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    if they ever start sending me free checks every month then i'll be glad to give a robot my job. :laugh:

    ...but i figure i'll be working until i retire. soon as a retire the robots will take over and people will no longer work much. they will have it made.
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    Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now???
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    With each passing generation people get lazier and lazier. Their attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. They won’t want to fool with a robot. Lawn maintenance will likely grow with time in my opinion.
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    i dunno man those AI robots will be able to learn how to do anything...and do it better than we can do it. :O
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