The future of lawn care.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Cody Thelen, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. JFGLN

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    Sure robots can mow the grass eventually. I find the gardening work is more profitable anyway. Things like proper punning and trimming. I imagine some day they will design maintenance free landscapes.
  2. weeze

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    wonder why they don't use plastic plants and shrubs outside in landscapes yet?
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  3. Oxmow

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    Because they don’t take care of the dangerous CO2 emissions...and you must trim them buy as to not cause new CO2 emissions!!!
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  4. weeze

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    good point :D
  5. eggy

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    I would be concerned about affordable good working growth regulators soon to hit then robo mowers. Most of us Lawn care applicators would love to upsell this and the benefits...overall I think the future holds the same.. higher equipment prices, and massive labor shortages
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  6. lawndude28

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    Tell us more about these new growth regulators?
  7. JohnsonLawnCare27

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    I 100% agree with this. With each passing year, people get lazier and lazier, which I feel like will cause a large increase in demand for laborers. Of course, jobs will be replaced by robotics and computers, such as engineering jobs, technology jobs, etc. But I 100% believe that the need for a general laborer, (construction labor, someone running a weed whacker, tree work laborers, etc) will skyrocket and the people that do those types of jobs will become very valuable.
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  8. Arvydas

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    I personally think we'll be surprised at how poorly a lot of these robots will work in real world situations. A flat, level, square or rectangular lawn - absolutely. But anything other than that and it'll be pretty tricky.
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  9. Capt J-rod

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    We are still waiting for flying cars... I think you might see some more electric mowers, but not robot operators. Commercial guys are safe because they are a tax write off for the businesses that they service. Residential guys are safe because we now need both mom and dad working to make ends meet. There are fewer hours left for workers to enjoy life. Finally the baby boomers are all getting older and won't be able to mow. Don't rule out the laziness of the millennial. Unless you make mowing an app on their phone it won't get done. As with all trades there will always be work for those who want to work.
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  10. landscaper22

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    I too don't see many changes in this industry any time soon. If anything, just pushing a more green industry and more battery powered equipment. The other thing I do actually like about this business is, unlike so many other types of service businesses, it just really isn't an industry that some large company is likely to come buy out all the smaller outfits to create a monopoly in the business. I know there are large companies out there, but lawn care seems to be dodging that kind of thing on a large scale. It is so frustrating. Our small local garbage pickup company just got bought out by a national company and service sucks.

    Many companies make you feel like it's a small town business, but they are not really. I was reading recently that something like 10 or so companies own almost everything you buy or own. That is frustrating. The food industry has gone crazy with that, and it is scary really. I think lawn care is one of these businesses that people generally hire local.
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