The Gator Lowdown

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shultz, May 14, 2002.

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    Direct from Oregon Outdoor Equip (previously Silver Streak). No this is not a sales pitch. I sent for the info since to find out the 411 on the blades. Here's what they say:

    Normal Conditions-Gator Mulcher... Mulching

    Wet Grass or Bagging-Gator Mulcher Hi-Lift...40% higher lift than regular gator, better airflow, less clumping

    Abrasive Cutting, Wet Grass, Bagging-Gator Mulcher Magnum... Same Tooth Design as Gator Mulcher, with 40% more lift, but 25% thicker....ideal for the commercial cutter.

    They also pitch the R50 process-innovative mfg process for increased hardness of commercial blades up to 20%.
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    Is that 40% more lift is just 40% more than almost NO lift! :rolleyes:

    They still come nowear near the lift of a high lift REGULAR blade.

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