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It is time to move beyond this initial level of start up. Target THIER friends and neighbors as customers . Ask for referrals so you can stop working for peoplle who feel you owe them something. I paid my dues by never compromising quality to build a reputation that commands a good price. Some of my worst customers{petty complaints and cheap] were family and friends. No matter what I tried to make quality of work my benchmark. When you begin to get customers outside of this circle you can begin to stop taking thier sh#$. They will ask you to do something for nothing and you can give them a price because your not afraid of loosing thier business anymore. This is your next hurdle to success. Break the dependence on family and friends for work. It is a game of negotiation and the minute you take a dollar from "family and friends" everything changes. G -LUCK
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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