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Looking at buying a new grasshopper with a 52inch deck and the large capcity collection system. Just trying to get info on this machine the biggest thing is is it better then the Walker or the Toro Z master with bagging system. The Walker and Toro are about the same ? Please give me info on all 3 witch one is the best or if somthing is better.

The new machine would be used for spring and fall clean ups and a back up mower in the summer we have 5 accounts we would use it on to bag clippings in the summer also.

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Spring Hill, FL
I have owned 2 Grasshoppers. The first was a 720K with the 20hp Kohler. The engine only lasted 800 hrs til it needed new cam gear, crankshaft, etc. I traded it in on a 725 with the Kubota 25hp gas engine with the 52" mulching deck and have been happy ever since. Only problem I've had was a bad main bearing seal that was covered under warranty at about 900 hrs. The 25 Kubota should have more than enough power to mow and bag at top speed. The difference between the 721 and the 725 is that the 725 has the G2 pumps and wheel motors. A little extra money, but well worth it in my opinion, I had'em both.


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south alabama
i have the 721d g2 w/15cu.ft. collection. had some serious problems with it not cutting level when new in august 2000. (see earlier posts) (61" deck) g/h finally agreed to replace the deck so i had the 52" installed. i didn't get to cut much with it before grass went dormant but i "feel like" it's going to be fine. i haven't used walker or toro but the g/h does a fine job on cleanups. i have been well pleased. g/h rep told me there would be a "counter weight kit" available soon for machines with collection systems. it seems as though the weight of the blower unit on the right side of the deck was making the left side ride up & give the unlevel cut (on the 61"). i don't think this tendency is as bad on the 52 but i will try the kit when available. if you go this route check out the sl52 deck. it raises to 90 degrees for easier cleaning & blade changes.


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I've got a 1997 725 w/61" deck and 15 cbft. bagger and a 1999 725 G2 w/61" flip-up deck. Both mowers have a Kubota gas, liquid cooled engine. The G2 is quicker and handles a lot better than the G1. Also I would recommened getting a 61" flip-up deck. The 700 series G2 is only available on the 721 and 725 gas Kubota mowers.