The Grasshoppers are Getting Crazy

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LHedrick, Jul 27, 2012.

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    The heat wave that we've all been suffering through is putting strain on our landscapes and yards, too. Grasshoppers, ants and other bugs love the heat. They thrive in it. As though lack of water weren't enough of an issue these days, now we have to deal with excessive insect problems.

    And here I thought insects were a big enough problem before the heat wave.

    I think that overusing a specific kind of eco-friendly pesticide has innured several of the local insect species against it. I was reluctant to just douse the area in it, hoping to really drown the bugs out. Instead I decided to switch things up on the bugs. I've switched to AzaGuard, by A Growing Solution, and I'm pretty happy with its performance so far.

    Anyone else know of good green products, earth-friendly but effective, that will handle the bugs in this heat?
  2. kbrashears

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    Yeah. Poultry.
  3. ted putnam

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    A half dozen guineas running around will keep the insects down and they eliminate the need for a watchdog. You'll know every time someone pulls in the drive... Other than noise pollution, they are very eco-friendly :laugh:

    Probably not the best thing for the "burbs"
  4. kirk1701

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    I always wondered if the over usage of the same insecticides over time would allow insects to build up a resistance to the products? So its true?

    Much like we build up a resistance to antibiotic and why a doctor won't even give you a prescription anymore for the common cold.

    Knock on wood, I expected to have a repeat problems with Cicada killers this year. So far I've seen them buzzing around my yard but not digging up my yard. :clapping:

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