The Great Dane Debate..

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by The Grassman, Dec 4, 2003.

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    I have been looking into buying a WalkBehind and i hink i will go Great Dane, because A i can get it for less then half price B It's a Hydro.

    I cant find a hydro for the price of these demo units a dealer in canada is seeling the Dane's for.

    I wont be putting large hours on it maybe 15 hours in total for the week. I like the Gateway but i dont have a huge amount of lanws i can use it on because most gates areless then 37" witht hat in mind i can get a 48" Scamper for less then the Gateway and i can use a 48 at my commercial site's.

    I have heard mixed thoughts on the Dane's here and i have searched the site allot.

    How do i know what is a 1st year product..

    Engine on the Scamper is a 18hp Brigs and the Gateway is a 15HP Kawi.

    Half price for Store demo unit's i can even get a gear walkbehind for these price's.



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