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    In the March 2008 issue of Lawn & landscape magazine, a 6 page article is dedicated to the debate of what's the best way to deal with lawn clippings; which is better Muching,Bagging,Double cutting.

    Most companies are Double cutting yards, and are finding it too hard to mulch the clippings, and spend more time Blowing off beds, sidewalks, driveways etc. The Lawn & Landscape compaines involved in the article, are from Wisconsin, and New Jersey, which have strict enviormental laws when it comes to yard clipping disposal. With that said, the two compaines avoided accounts that required bagging passing them onto the "competetion". Both compaines agreed that to get the "manicured look of bagging required a "double cut regardless of the mower". Both companies would offer the option of bagging if the states enviornmental law, and cost to dispose of clippings was not so strick, or high priced. Both companies said "double cutting or mulching" saved 20 to 40 minutes per account vs high cost of bagging. Without directly refering to the Walker & Exmark Navigator(featured in article pictures) mowers, both comapines agreed that "their" mowers were not eqquipped(bulky outside blowers & collection "cans") to bag effiecently, and required fequent stops to dump clippings, another issue for "dedicated Midmount Mulcher ZTRS) VS the Walker or Exmark Navigator.

    IMO I did mulch for two seasons with SCAG 48" velocity decks, with Gator blades, residential & commercial, I also had to double cut accounts, and spend more time blowing off the property to get the manicured bagged look we all desire. I live in the Memphis, the Local recycle cent welcomes our grass clippings/leafs for their compaste & soil condition products, the recycle center does charge me a nominal $20.00 per 15yards of unbagged clipping. I can now say that with a Walker or Exmark Navigator depanding on your State lawns regarding grass clipping disposal, if you can dispose of grass clippings "cheaply" it is the efficent option to: as Lawn & landscape said "double cutting", "re-mulching clumps", and additonal time spend with Backback Blowers) is what we offer, unless the client is willing to pay the higher price for grass collection. We all need to respect our choice to either collect & dispose of grass clippings, or "Double cutting". Many compaines are now relooking the "lost" revenue of the high end accounts that demand bagging. So don't knock grass collection, Mulching is not the Magic bullet either, personally I am seeing a larger profit, since my Walker purchase, I was charging bagging price, for the "double cut" manicured look while I "muched" for two seasons. I do still mulch/SD lage 5-20 acre acccounts, but I do more grass collection than mulching now.

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    Good read...I do bag some, I do mulch some, I do SD some, it all depends on like you said: What the customer wants!
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    I was double cut guy for years. Then one spring it got unbarable so I bought my bagger and watched my profits grow.
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    I bag most of my lawns, but lucky for me my uncle has 80 acres that I can dump at for free and no limit.
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    I did mulchin last year and it was gonna be easier, but i hate it! I hate double cutting, i hate having to empty the grass from the deck to the peoples sidewalks, i hate the extra blowin with the backpack blowers, and i hate tryin to get the grass that is stuck on the sidewalk off and it also sucks blowin out the beds to. Even if u have the deck openin and facin the opposite direction from the bed, the bed still fills up with grass. I am bout to order a ultra vac for this season.
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    We side discharge only on lush northern grass.
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    We single or double cut with our Dixie's and Wright stander and bag almost all the time with our Ferris's zero turns. Each team has at least one bagger and one mower that side discharges for both situations. But unless you have perfect conditions in order to make it look perfect you must double cut. Prostreet guy in Maryland, you must either be David Copperfield or don't care about the clippings on the lawn to do that in NE grasses. And before you give us the song and dance about the Cub Cadet, realize that we aren't dumb
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    We discharge every lawn, every cut.
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    You can achieve a perfect cut side discharging, you just slow down. Dont mow at 340 miles an hour and you would be surprised how well the clippings disperse when you slow down just a little.
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    Just do whatever works for you and your customer. Pretty simple, really.

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