The great spray rig debate????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lazyike, Apr 29, 2007.

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    About 3 years ago I got my chem. license to spry the local school fields (about 30 acres in all). I bought a Schiban pull boom spray rig with a 3.5 motor and 60 gal. tank it has 18ft. booms.
    At first this was all I was going to spay but I am seeing the profits of chem applications and residents are asking me to spay their property as well.

    I am considering buying a skid sprayer but I am having a hard time trying to figure out my mix rates if I use this set up. The formula for a boom sprayer is so much simpler to figure out. I also have herd of multiple products in the same spay application ( herbicide, potash, and fert) is this possible. I know you cant do this with a boom because of the gal. per acre applied.

    Am I thinking to hard or is it easy to figure out once you have the system?
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    Calibration is your main issue here. When walking turf you must be consistent with your application. Mark off a know area and apply straight water from your sprayer until you find your application rate per thousand. Practice this multiply times and on different days. Once you find that rate always double check yourself by noting the gallons you apply to that area. The human factor will always be present and you will never be as perfect as a boom sprayer.
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    Get a lasco space saver. They are great and then once you get it you will have to figure out how many gallons per k before you mix. It is simple. I bet you figure it out way easier. Its way cheaper to spray fert, pre- m and post-m. Your water is your carrier verse your granular fert. Nathan

  4. Guess that's why I almost only use a BOOM, occasionaly, I use a backpack sprayer
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    Fill the tank to exactly 100 gallons. Spray exactly 5000 sq ft. Write down how many gallons you used (and also the pressure you used). Divide to find the gallons per 1000 sqft.

    Divide into 100 to find the sq ft covered per 100 gallons.

    Make a fill chart accordingly. Weed killer per 100 gallons, 200 gallons and 300 gallons.
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    Thanks for your help everyone, I had some idea how to get the formula, but I guess to clarify more, my question should have been how do you know if you are 1. keeping up the some pace 2. swing the hose the same distance as when you calibrated 3. do you all have a tendency to slow down around edges and bed edging or am I just worrying about it to much? I am always worried about drift and burning. Is boom spraying a better method? I can track my speed though g.p.s. and my boom sprays 18ft.

    Do you guys usually mix more in you tank that just a herbicide? I guess that would be huge benefit over boom spraying.

    I guess with anything you just get better by doing.

    Again thanks guys, just bouncing some stuff out there to help me decide.
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    Lazy - where in central MN are you??

    Have you looked at the ride-on units?? They pretty much take the human element out of it, since they're only allowed to run at one speed / gear.

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