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The Green Guardian Seeks 40 LawnSite members...

Michael J. Donovan

Head Moderator, Online Communities
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Pittsburgh, PA
The Green Guardian seeks 40 lawnsite members with the ability to service ~400 new clients in 2006.

The Green Guardian announces a major expansion into 40 major markets across the United States for 2006.

We provide organic alternatives to traditional pesticides and have viable EDIBLE alternatives to traditional broadleaf and annual grass weed killers, insect controls, animal repellants and mosquito repellants.

In our expansion we are seeking a total of 40 companies to participate in this growth. Your requirement is to produce the revenue that we have booked into your selected market area.

Yes, you read this right.

We provide the marketing plus billing, collections, customer service, KWYSF (Knowledge will set you free) proprietary software, turn by turn directions/routing, gps, cell phone, camera (for onsite aid in diagnosing lawn problems), our exclusive EDIBLE fertilizer and pest control products, all the back office work relating to providing the front line customer services.

If you are interested in learning more call David at 651-646-2900 x108 or email david@greenguardian.us


LawnSite Senior Member
Saint Paul MN
Thanks alwaysgreener for your interest and reply. I'm glad you see this as
a great investment opportunity and appreciate you relaying that to other
lawnsite members.

Our business model for expansion dictates that we handle all back office
tasks to ensure the growth of your client base and regional revenue. This
model allows our Branch Office partner to continue to develop and grow their
existing business. With password access to our network database the
downloading of client orders, invoices, and turn by turn routing is a
minimal time constraint.

Time investment ranges from being in charge of providing the services (full time) or directing/overseeing others (part time)


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Ponchatoula, La
Looked into it has some very good. A little to much start up money for some one new. They have good plains and can tell you were they will be successfully in your area. Would go for it if you have the capital.payup


LawnSite Senior Member
Saint Paul MN
Rrjp111 said:
Looked into it has some very good. A little to much start up money for some one new. They have good plains and can tell you were they will be successfully in your area. Would go for it if you have the capital.payup
The Green Guardian has partial or complete financing programs available, pending credit approval, for start up expenses. Once initial start up costs are financed and the projections are being met, we can offer expansion financing internally.

What you may not understand is that this expansion plan has been formulated over 20 years. Much blood has been spilled formulating a successful plan of expansion using no pesticides, eliminating most, if not all branch office administration overheads, implementing a software system that provides live data for the lawn care tech on the lawn, providing on site diagnosis of lawn problems thus eliminating service call overheads, etc. The result of our experiences, research, and exhausting preparation brings us to where we are today, offering eager companies the opportunity to function under our umbrella to become successful and unique in their region.

To make myself totally clear ... our ducks are in a row. Very little has been left to the imagination and all possible logistical concerns are secured. When you and I spoke about the market in your area, Rjrp, I recall your statement to me was "never before have I come across anyone who knew more about the areas that were optimal market audiences". That is learned over 20 years as a successful organic lawn care service provider, product developer, and industry trend setter.

The Green Guardian has the following proprietary products/systems:

1) Organic "edible" product solutions for all pesticide applications.

2) Software systems (KWSYF) Knowledge Will Set You Free that will knock your socks off.

3) Service programs which are based on products which have been developed internally.

4) Proven marketing systems that incorporate our research of the target market and optimal marketing methods.

5) Branding of our role in the marketing using our Green Guardian to reach the community as a whole.

Do you think offering highly effective 100% edible organic programs would quickly generate a client base in your area? Do you see the value in having a proven company oversee the development of your area? Do you want to greatly increase your profits on an annual basis? Email david@greenguardian.us and to learn what we are willing to do to ensure your success.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Lancaster, PA
Basically this is a person starting up a business, and instead of having to deal with all of the administrative end, the owner or branch manager is responsible for production. Sounds like a great deal for someone who's a great tech, but doesn't want to deal with the day to day aspects of running a business...


LawnSite Senior Member
Saint Paul MN
Exactly! When I started this business over 20 years ago, I did so with the mistaken notion that I would be taking care of lawns, speaking face to face with customers, diagnosing/fixing problems, making everyone happy, having fun doing my job, etc.

Once the phones began to ring, however, my tasks began to change. I sat behind a desk filling out paperwork, government forms, payroll, collections, answered phones, determined my target audience and how to reach them, and spent money in all kinds of ridiculous ways. I made terribly expensive decisions throughout my learning curve while hiring awful people and not ensuring checks and balances.

I came from a small farm community where trust and handshake contacts were the “norm” and was culture shocked moving to the city.

Realizing my dream really was a fantasy, it literally destroyed my spirit and I grew extremely unhappy. By nature I have deep compassion for people and an overwhelming desire to do what’s right. Recognizing these traits as strengths, I decided to structure the most environmentally friendly company with the most partner friendly model and capabilities. My vision became a company in which each Branch feels this is the greatest job ever, each client feels we are the friendliest company they had ever experienced, and everyone involved is proud to be part of something extraordinary.

Currently The Green Guardian operates in a unique and trendsetting way. First we designed products which are “edible” that conform to the FIFRA act Sec (25) b that replace traditional weed and pest controls.

Then a unique software system was developed to ensure success. KWSYF (Knowledge Will Set You Free) Each Customer Service Representative is answering phones within a short period of being trained; using our step-by-step data entry system results in a new customer about every 10 minutes “per person”.

Following this, each aspect of the company was reconstructed to run more efficiently. We crunched numbers, analyzed tasks, increased production potential, and minimized downtime. Tasks were shifted to allow specialized functions. Client interviewing and attainment was reconstructed to optimally generate and retain our client base.

As a result of these efforts, the operator is provided every opportunity to excel in their field of expertise and comfort without incurring office detail. After all … more production time equals more money being produced and higher profits.