The green industry's biggest flops/mistakes/regrets?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Liberty Lawnworks, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Liberty Lawnworks

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    Good one! I forgot all about Imprelis.
  2. noahb195

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    I just noticed where you live. Not to get the thread off topic. But you have heard of the famous StewCare right?
  3. Armsden&Son

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    I am for sure a die hard Walker fanatic.... been running them for over 15 years... However, I surely have appreciation for other equipment and manufacturers. I run Walker riders but Scag walk behinds.... I love Scag...I also really like Ex-Mark... (Mark Oomkes- been dying to try a Navigator.. If it stripes anywhere near the Lazers then it must be an awesome machine) I like Hustlers and Gravelys.... Would die to own a Ventrac for my acreage accounts. Not a huge fan of Bobcat or Snapper... Toro stuff is obviously top notch but that brings us back to standers.... The Grandstand does not thrill me.... I don't mean to start any beef but MOST, not all, of the reasons that folks are listing for standers being great is why I own a Walker. Compact for the trailer, you can see what you are mowing, you can mow under low hanging branches, you can mow well on hillsides.... Obviously the price point is a point of contention (no pun intended) So even though in my World, I don't see the big deal about standers...... The dude that's been running mid-mounts and walk-behinds that demos a stander and it's like the clouds part and rays of sunlight appear beaming and blasting against the bright red of a Grandstand is absolutely floored and thinks it's the best thing since white bread.. All power to him... I just don't see it.
  4. foreplease

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    Yes, thank you. I understand and agree. Typically my topdressing mix is testing out at 3-4% OM. Occasionally it contains a greater percentage of samd particle sizes on adjacent screens than what is ideal. For athletic fields it is fine and practical. Being able to provide the same mix from one year to the next has value.

    Timing of sand topdressing on greens (primarily) is important, as I am sure you know. In terms of combating thatch and matching or offsetting the rate at which one's turf is producing it, as well as choosing a frequency and rate so that once diluted, OM remains in that 1-5 range requires a good eye, some good guesses, and good record keeping.

    I built a good size green in my yard to USGA specs (very, very close) and maintained it for 17 years just to see if I could. Caring for it required an awful lot of time and materials - and water. Looking back at it now, I am sure it would have been easier to maintain had I used less sand. Then again, I did not need it to support 50,000 rounds a year lol.
  5. foreplease

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    I forgot about Imprelis too. Fortunately, I never used it. I was reading the brochure for it at lunch one day a couple years ago. After finishing it I clicked over to and saw the disaster news from Indianapolis. Threw the brochure in the garbage on my way out!
  6. herler

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    I can see the stander being of benefit to companies with crews who simply can't afford the learning curves associated with walk-behinds, I did think about that today because it is not a quick process to learn how to run one but for a solo operator I'll take a fixed deck, spend a year or two learning how to run it and save myself two thousand dollars.

    Yes, I do think the Lazer Z offers a nice cut and I prefer it over the Zmaster, but compared to Gravelies they both suck.

    As for Toros, seems to me the only mower they make that's worth a dime is their walk behind and because of the T-bars, and here we go again... Folks will spend thousands more just to have hydraulics so they don't have to operate pistol grips when they could have gotten a toro... But I just don't care for Toros past the T-bar, were it not for that patent I would have something else entirely.
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  7. Toro 455

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    My trimmer is a Stihl 4-mix with the flip up gas cap. Best trimmer I've ever owned. Lower tone to the motor. Better torque. Gas cap is quick and effective. Yeah, it has a little learning curve. But it's a better cap.

    I had a Toro t-bar WB and never liked it. Bought it new and wore it out. (OK, beat it to death is more like it.) I do like my new Exmark's ECS controls though.

    Something I thought was the ultimate flub was the Puegot diesel in my 455. Nobody liked them, especially the mechanics. But mine's been so sweet. Purrs like a kitten. Much quieter than the Kubota or Yanmar they now use. I just keep the timing belt changed and it doesn't disintegrate.

    Even though the corn fuel program wasn't a big success, I'm in favor of it. It finally got the price of corn to where my neighbors won't have to sell their farms. It's not been that long ago they were selling stoves that burned corn for fuel.

    I can't think of anything that was an embarrassment to the entire industry. It's not like we have the Edsel to point to. That was unquestionably the worse car ever made.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Actually, a few WAMs could be on the list.

    That Hustler with a 50' long drive belt was a beauty.

    The Howard Price 1260 was a flaming piece of crap.

    The 455 was a huge improvement, but it needed a lot of improvement as well. I always loved the deck belts breaking and taking out the clutch wiring harness. Even though I started replacing the belts twice a year.

    Underpowered is an understatement.

    4WD system was\is a joke.

    I did love the way it cut wet grass, because of the slow tip speed it barely clumped grass at all, but it also had really bad lift because of that same slow tip speed.

    I lived with ours because they were the best thing going for a long time, but I sure didn't exactly love them.
  9. Uponone605

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    I've been running walkers and standers for years. They both have there pros and cons. The walker is the best bagging machine made imo, will never scalp anything, you can get the deck places that would impress anyone, super nimble and never tears up lawns, . It is also very slow ( but you never have to go over any part of the lawn twice), very hard on the back, nothing is worse then a left hand turn on a hot day, expensive to maintain and even with the deck flipped up its much longer then a stander. To discharge all day I'll take a stander over a sit down anytime. My back and body arnt sore a bit from being bounced around, I don't have to get up every time I pick up something off a lawn, I can navigate under branches and around obstacles with ease, I can spin it around at the end of a pass just as quick as a walker with no damage if done correctly, only takes up about 3 1/2 ft on the trailer, and although they arnt as good on hills as a sit down I feel much much safer on inclines with them. I used to run turf tigers, bobcats, wildcats, and lasers and replacing the sit downs with standers has been one of the best decision's I've made for making my day easier. I couldn't imagine bagging thick spring growth with one but then again I can't imagine cutting a 2 acre field with a walker.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Reading the thread about landscape fabric........................Landscape fabric. Biggest scam failure, flop, disaster.

    Well, maybe second, Imprelis is up there too.

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