The green industry's biggest flops/mistakes/regrets?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Liberty Lawnworks, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    HaHa! Landscape fabric! Why do clients keep insisting time and time again after I school them on the truth! While I still disagree with you there Uponone605, you get props for noting the left hand turn on a hot day.... That, I cannot deny...... And also shows that you know what you are talking about....
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    Unless I overlooked it , did anyone list the briggs and stratton company? Yes the whole company. Also stamped steel mower decks( shouldn't't have ever been sold in the southeast). As mentioned earlier, I loved the fancy stihl caps. I loved being 45 min from home and having 2 stroke down my left leg.
  3. WillsLandscape

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    In no order:

    Cash for Clunkers
    half crank engines (IMO)

    Surprised nobody mentioned non-adjustable carburetors yet. I love my PB-250 Echo except for that I basically have to warm it up for 5 minutes.

    For all the Briggs haters, I really don't get where you're coming from (please do tell me your experiences). I love my 675 and 725EX quantums on my Snapper 21'' mowers. I've never had a Briggs engine on a riding mower so maybe that's where they suck, but my briggs 675 is like 6(?) years old and has had one oil change and no other maintenance (I know, I know) but starts one pull and is powerful and reliable. More reliable than the GXV160 on our commercial grade Snapper 21''.

    Maybe I'll think of some others later, I'm sure I have more.
  4. xtreem3d

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    Completely agree....I also hated the Stihl on/off switches on the chainsaws. Have you ever taken one apart and seen that mess...Finally ditched all my Stihl stuff for various reasons
  5. TPendagast

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    up here in alaska, EVERYone uses landscape fabric and plastic edging.... i try to tell them...ummm we stopped using this stuff 15 years ago because it's crap and it doesn't work.... but oh no! the other 48 states must be dumb...because you know...ummm alaska is bigger so there!
  6. greentech2007

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    . If you want your back to hurt than run a walker every day all day
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    I agree with that one. I can't count how many moron clients I've had request it for underneath mulch, useless.
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  8. kwwolfe

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    I don't really get the hate of stamped decks. Is it for regular stamped or any stamped. The Deere 7 iron deck is pretty darn good and its stamped. Mind you out of 7 guage steel + plus the 1'4 inch welded skirt around the bottom.
  9. PenningsLandscaping

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    I used a stander a few months ago and will never get on one again. It was a piece. I just think if you're looking to increase productivity buy a ztr. I'm going to stick to a hydro walk behind with sulky based fleet. Lawns here are too small for z's, and even the big ones, that are few and far between, can easily be done with walk behinds. If rather buy a exmark 60" turf tracer with a proslide to get those big lawns done quicker than spend twice as much on even a 54" ZTR that sits in the trailer most if the day.
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    I only use landscape fabric for stone beds, does nothing but keep the stones from sinking into the soil for a few years. Other than that, I spend every mulch estimate talking people out of it.
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