The green industry's biggest flops/mistakes/regrets?

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  1. alexschultz1

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    I've been through 10-15 of those damn gas caps. If you don't twist it on all the way and lock it, then the plastic center breaks and won't secure the cap. The next thing u know the side of your body is covered in gas and half the tank emptied out on someone's lawn. Garbage, the machine is great, but the caps are garbage...
  2. billc1004

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    cub cadet z wing !! sucks ..
  3. Armsden&Son

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    In looking back at this thread I feel I was being a little hard on standers.... I actually think that they are are good for certain applications and there are a number of companies that make nice ones...... I am man enough to admit when I might have made a mistake...
  4. 123hotdog

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    I don't know how it is where you are but in the Mountains around here, a stander is the way to go. 30% of my lawns can't be mowed with my ztr. There is no way I would stand on a velke for that long. With the addition of a stander my walk behind is only used on three lawns. I do understand where you are coming from, my dad mowed for 17 years and thought a walk behind was junk and too hard to use. He mowed all that time with two Scag STHMs (those big three wheeled mowers over 8 feet long). He thought it was the best thing.:hammerhead:
  5. 123hotdog

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    This one will shock you but its true. I just bought a brand new Bad Boy Stander. My dealer wouldn't take my Great Dane Stander in on a trade. When I bought my ztr they even took an old Craftsman garden tractor, but they were afraid they could not sell a stander. He said he only had three customers that owned some type of stander including me. He chose to take a broken down POS Kubota ZD21 that cost me a $1000 to fix every time I went to the Kubota dealer. Lucky me. He says that people that own standers can't leave without them and people that don't own them don't see the point. I am baffled. I started out with walk behinds and upgraded to a stander and am hooked. I do use a sit down every chance I get.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Are you serious. Are you gonna install landscape rock on top of bare dirt? What a mess
  7. JCLawn and more

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    He said "mulch"
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    Dude I grew up on those scag sthms they pretty much were the best thing. I remember them before they were hydro stat too... Had gears to shift
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  9. jrs.landscaping

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    Green bark mulch :hammerhead:

    Have to agree with landscape fabric, and with Briggs being junk.

    Had one in my sander, blew out the bottom end with less than 700 hours

    The one on our debris loader has been re machined twice because of a "defect" and has still gone through more than 26 push rods and the top end (mainly valves) has been gone through 6 times this year alone. Motor has less than 100 hours on it and will be replaced with a Honda next year :cool2:
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    Asian jasmine.

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